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adjustable magnetic field magnetic separator for kaolin in guinea


magnetic separation of kaolin clay using free helium

magnetic separation of kaolin clay using free helium superconducting magnet abstract superconducting separators are a new generation of magnetic separators as a source of magnetic field a dc superconducting electromagnets are used it creates between other things a chance to reject weak-magnetic particles as well


magnetic separator - quantum design inc

quantum design's innovative shgms system offers high processing capacity in a compact modular design with fully cryogen-free operation the self-contained automated system integrates into your processing stream and can operate continuously requiring only electrical power compressed air raw material and water


improvement the quality of egyptian kaolin for industrial applications

the kaolin slurry is pumped through a highly compressed fine stainless steel wool matrix which when energized separates the magnetic minerals and allows the non-magnetic kaolinite to pass through the matrix the magnetic field is periodically switched off so that the accumulated magnetic particles can be rinsed with