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Lesson 7 Free Online Acting School Help for Actors 2017 Edition

Free Help For Actors - Lesson 7 of the Free Acting School

Now it is time to prepare yourself to act. After you selected two monologues to perform on camera from this link then answer the following questions in the blog comments below.

Which character in the monologues is most like you?

What character is most like you Free Acting School Part 7

When you pick a character, ask yourself the following:

What do you like about the character?

What is similar between you and that character?

Do you know someone else who is like the character?

Do you have a personal experience that helps you understand this character?

Think about why the character is the way he/she is. What made them the way they are? Make up a "back story" or history of the character. Where did they come from? What do they like and dislike? How old are they? What do they dress like?

I once heard an actor say they always decide what that character might have for breakfast and that helps them figure the character out.

There are no wrong answers. The important thing is to learn as much as possible about the character before performing the character.

Post in the comments below your answers to the questions above.

You must then respond to another actor in the blog discussion below.  Your interactions MUST be positive :) ***

ACTING TIP FROM STELLA ADLER: "The actor has to develop his body. The actor has to work on his voice. But the most important thing the actor has to work on is his mind."
Post your replies to the above questions in the comments below.


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  1. the charecter i most liked is the captain from the "die and leave thee monoluge". because i can play the charecter alike me.
    no personal experience but a great mindset to play the part.

  2. The characters I chose are most similar to my everyday lifestyles. I can definitely relate to them because they are more like my personality.

    1. That's great, I choose that kind of characters too:)
      Good luck:)

  3. I chose the Big Bad Wolf. I like his honesty and vulnerability.
    Some similarities include, being judged, being misunderstood, wanting acceptance and sometimes, you just want to be heard.
    I do know a couple people like The Big Bad Wolf.
    I have personal experiences that help me understand him and relate better. It reminds me of Highschool and then later on in my early 20's.

    1. I'm sure you'll do great as The Big Bad Wolf!!!

  4. In Forget About Me, I identify with the character. Although I am not depressed and I do not experience severe emotions like she does, I understand the feeling of your siblings "outshining" you. I actually have heard how my brothers could've "done it better" or even how they "already did it better." I do not know anyone who truly identifies with Moira, as even I do not, but I'm sure that there are people out there.
    Moira's Story: I haven't read the play, but this is my best guess: Moira is a teenage girl with an older sister who her parents favor. She pretends to be all smiley and nice, letting the pain of never feeling good enough consume her from the outside in. She has friends, but they never REALLY understand her. She is more liked and more beautiful than she thinks.

  5. I really liked the monologue End of hurting and Alien goo.Alien goo's captian is really comic and i'll have fun while doing it

  6. I choose not perfect child.

    I like about her...I actually don't know why I like her, maybe because she remind me of myself.

    Similiar thing between her and me is that I'm kind of not perfect child too.

    No, just me.

    Yeah, a very good one.

    1. I can also relate to Not Perfect Child, not because I am the golden child, but it's because I'm the eldest and when my parents harp on me for my behaviour, they don't do it to my younger siblings.

  7. i really enjoyed the all of the acting jobs and feel that they all did a magnificent job.

  8. Who I can relate more to is Gabi in Angel's Wings as I have had experiences where I thought I was with the right person and then got my heart broken that I wished bad things on them, but then always remember sometimes as how it used to be with them. Though I have never thought the people I've been with I was truly in love with, but I have seen it and have seen it being stripped away from that one person. And I also know someone who is just like Gabi.

    I can see Gabi being the person who eats bacon and eggs in the morning once a week, wearing a dress or a decent outfit that doesn't consists of ripped jeans and t-shirts that show off her stomach, she cannot eat sugar as she doesn't like it, she would be considered in her late 20s, early 30s.

    1. Somehow I always post my things after you and I noticed that you're one of few here who really takes their to post their answers, which shows that you're really taking this seriously. It also seems that you can relate to this character a lot, which means that your performance will be great, hopefully I would be able to see it on youtube or something.

    2. *takes their time to post their answers*
      sorry :)

  9. What I like about Jimmy from "Farting is Such Sorrow" monologue is that he is drunk and for actor that can be exciting thing to play, especially for the beginners, it may be hard as well, but I think that we should challenge ourselves in order to progress. Like Jimmy I'm not very close with my parents, it's not as extreme as in Jimmy's case, but still; like Jimmy (and Turk from "Hungry for Death" monologue) I also act driven by my emotions. Jimmy is nearly 17 and I'm 20, so I guess we are both teenagers. I don't drink like Jimmy does, but I know a lot of people like him. Someone close to me, just like Jimmy, found some bad friends and he has changed since then.
    Jimmy is nearly 18 years old drunk kid. He grew up with his alcoholic parents abused; he wasn't really close with his parents or anyone else so he distanced himself from everyone. fifth grade of elementary school he met some friends who introduce him into drinking and into life style of a "cool" teenage kid. As the problems at home wouldn't stop, he continued drinking and in time he found comfort in alcohol. In school he was becoming more and more popular, earning himself reputation of bad boy. He entered high school as this mysterious cool bad boy and it's only natural that he got himself attention from girls, one of which was Shelly. After a while they met and started dating, Shelly was Jimmy's new addiction and she kept him from drowning in alcohol; they were so much in love and Jimmy decided to give her ring as a promise that they would stay together forever. But Jimmy haven't replaced alcohol completely with Shelly, as the abusing and problems at home wouldn't stop, only growing, he continued drinking, slowly sinking in his addiction. When he got to second year of high school is when the play "Flowers in the Desert" starts. Jimmy likes his reputation of a cool kid (drinking involved) and he doesn't want to give up drinking because he doesn't want to come out as loser, but when he met Serge, who reasoned him, Jimmy decided to give up drinking for Shelly. Since Jimmy is cool bad and mysterious kid I see him in hoodies, T-shirt underneath it and black pants; with hood on his head, head down, hands in his pockets, but when he's drunk he's in mess.

    1. Sounds like a great story. If I was male, I would definetely want to play such Jimmy carachter

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  11. I will say that neither of these characters are like me, but the kind girl from "Dance with the Wind" is obviously closer to me than a murderer haha
    The biggest thing I like about her is that she is not afraid, she thinks she is stronger than the power of destruction, because she can heal.
    The main similarity between us is this unbreakable strength and optimism, which I'm actually known for in my friends circle.
    Honestly, I know a few very kind people, but none with such an inner strength.
    I've had a personal experience with bullies, when I tried to protect a little girl from an old big bad man. I stood up for her, called for help, though he left before anyone has arrived.
    So, this girl, or a young women, to be exact, was just an ordinary student. She wore pretty dresses and studied well. Until one day she gained some superpower. But she was rejecting it at first, because she considered herself too soft to be a hero. Then this wind came, and destroyed everything around. That's how she realized that she is the one to protect the people by healing everything.
    "I once heard an actor say they always decide what that character might have for breakfast and that helps them figure the character out" - great technique! I can vividly imagine her being a vegeterian and saving the nature!

  12. I love "End the hurt". It shows someone in pain because other person is hurting, but also, shows he/she has the power to make the pain stop for him/herself <3

  13. In the monologue call me dumper i can relate to Lane. I understand her point of view and how she sees life. even though she is not happy in her small town and the people she still sticks around and doesn't mind the way people pick on her. The similarity i have with her is that she does not care about what others think of her to an extent. in beauty and perfection i really enjoy the way she sees her life and when things go not as she plans she wishes she could go back to when she wasn't born. I would love to perform that

  14. Nell tries to cover up her feelings by not letting her boyfriend see that she is actually not okay with just being friends. She doesn’t want sympathy from anyone especially from the guy that just broke her heart. I like this character as she reminds me of myself. I don’t like showing my feelings to others, so I hide them away. Just like Nell, sometimes my emotions become so overwhelming that I just break down in tears. Shelly on the other hand has low self esteem and so do i. she tries to make herself stronger by talking to herself in the mirror and I can sympathise with her on that. I have never had a break up so I have no idea about that aspect but I have got so overwhelmed before and my emotions have just run wild. I think shelly has had a lot of hurt in her life and a lot of unknown scenarios, therefore I think that she is scared of being hurt.

    1. I can relate to this character as well! I think most of us women do :)

  15. Never touch, the monologue from big nose
    Cyrano is the main character, there are a lot of similarities : i have a big nose,i am a cadet and my girl does'nt loves me back. This helps me to understand this character more experience relates to his. He's around my age and is heartbroken and pretty sad about his big nose .he's actually embrassed of it. He really loves roxy but is sad because things are not happening between them.
    As you said later he likes bread omellete in breakfast.

  16. Sorry but none are most like me. I apologize I have my own likes, and I can't lie if I didn't like something. Though I'm sure they will be liked by many others. I just don't happen to be one of them. But as human beings, I'm sure they are superb.

    I know plenty other people like the character. I do not have any personal experience that significantly help me understand the character. I think what made them the way they are is current world leadership. They all shape future generations. I'm only 28 don't worry.

  17. #1 The Not So Perfect Child.
    Unfortunately there have been times when I've felt exactly like the character. She is hurt, feels left alone and unworthy of anybody's love ad/or attention. Always comparing herself to others, her sister in particular. They have all ot takes, and she doesn't.
    I think most people at some point in their lives felt this way, and this is what I like about the character, it's real. She's no hero, no villain, no made up character, just an ordinary girl struggling with her self-esteem.
    If I were to guess why she's this way, I'd say she just was a bit unfortunate in life, maybe few bad things too many happened to her, maybe she has a bit of a "victim-syndrome". She's not necessarely and outcast, but she's suffering from depression and tends to alienate herself from the outside world.
    All things that I myself felt on my skin. i dilike the being a victim part though.

    #2 Kill First, Gloat Later
    Well, I use a lot of irony and cynicism, things this character doesn't lack. He's a villain tired of loosing to really silly plot holes. I'm sure anybody asked themselves "why is he/she waisting so much time explaining the plan?!" while reading a book or whatching a play/film. Well, this is finally the moment villains get their Revenge with their NOT-revealed master plan!