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Lesson 6 Free Online Acting School Help for Actors 2017 Edition

You will now select two monologues that you will perform for the end of this class.

The monologues must be from this link:

Select two contrasting monologues - two that are very different from each other - one comedy, one dramatic - or two with very different characters.  For example, the character in one monologue is good, kind and innocent and the character in the other one is evil or angry or upset.

Post the names of two monologues you like the best. Answer the following questions about these two monologues:

Why do you like the monologues?

Who is the main character of each monologue?

What is the character like?

Where is the character (the setting/place it is taking place)?

Why is the character saying what they are saying in the monologue?  (What's their motivation?)

How did the character get to the point they are now? (what is their background? where did they come from? why are they behaving the way they do?)

Is the monologue from a play? If so, read the play and write about what you learned about the character from the play.

Post in the comments below your answers to the questions above.


Having trouble finding a good monologue?  Here are some monologues with acting tips to go with them:

A Breaking Heart -

A Thing for Nerds -

Never Touch

Beauty and Perfection

First Words

Check out these videos for more ideas:

Monologues for Women

Monologues for Men


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  1. the monologue i like to play are
    1. back to work
    2. die and leave thee
    i like those monologue when i read those.
    i will perform my best on both comedy and drama

  2. Hi I really like the monologue "A Breaking heart"

  3. The monologue I want is Blessing in Disguise and Cut off from the World, Scene 2- Carry a Stuffy.

    The character in Blessing in Disguise is honestly a rude funny person.

    The character in Cut off from the World, Scene 2- Carry A Stuffy is very passionate about her stuffed animals and really loves them.

    Main character is Ashley in Blessing in Disguise and Layla in Carry a Stuffy.

  4. #1: "Big Bad Wolf" Comedy, main character is The Big Bad Wolf. I chose this because I feel the character is very open to how I or someone wants to read his lines.
    The big bad wolf is a misunderstood animal who just wants to live his life.
    B.B.W. (Big bad Wolf) is somewhere deep in the woods at a eatery talking to a patron.
    He wants to be understood. He wants people to stop labeling him and get to know him. He is from a fairytale land and he just wants acceptance.
    #2: "My Punishment" Drama, main character is Marla. I Chose this because it is a relatable drama.
    Marla is a spirit who is trying to warn Ebony Scrooge to change her ways before it's too late.
    Marla has just appeared, I'm assuming, in Ebonys room. Marla is trying to save Ebony from a fate like hers.
    Marla is from beyond the grave and wants to prevent others from ending up like her.

    1. Good choices! Can't wait to see them!

  5. Only Children Believe in Butterflies- From the play Bullied, Bungled and Botched, Janey is in a garden trying to escape people. She has a frightening past that involves ghosts and her mother's death, and by talking about these things she appears to be crazy. Her motivation for this scene is when the doctor comes looking for her and finds her, she gets caught up talking about her troubling past when she really just wanted him to leave. Although most of the scene is talking to the doctor or ghosts, it seems to me that she is really trying to put the puzzle pieces together for herself, try and figure out a solution. Her character is consumed by the past, and portraying that is going to be a challenge.
    The other monologue I choose was Forget About Me, also from Bullied, Bungled, and Botched. Moira is explaining to someone why she feels useless. She is volatile, rapidly changing emotions, which will be challenging.
    Both of the monologues are dramatic, however their characters are different and the way they handle emotions is different as well.

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  7. 1. Forget about me
    2. Cassandra
    I like the first monologue because I can find myself in it, and the other one is really funny.
    The main characther is not perfect child, and in the other one is Cassandra.
    Well she is very sad, and Cassandra is kind of a funny girl.
    I don't know, I think it doesn't say, but the other one is in Greece I think.
    Well she says it because she is tired of being horrible and copy of her sister, and in the other one Cassandra is kind of angry because apollo tricked her.

    1. I like monologues in which you can see yourself in as well:) Cant wait to see it

  8. monologue breaking the hearts was the best one ever created and she should be in the acting business !

  9. The monologues that I've chosen were Angel's Wings from the play Midnight of the Soul and How to be a Pirate from Bones, the pirate girl as both monologues I can relate to one or another. The main Character in Angel's Wings is Gabi, a woman whose husband had left her and was spending time with a priest named Thomas, whom in a short period of time had grown attached to when in HTBAP (How to be a Pirate) is a girl named Bones giving a speech to girls or boys who wish to become pirates and how to be one. Bones is considered to be tough, rough around the edges, and strong smelling while Gabi is more of the naive, kind, and affectionate character who has to hurt herself to leave the Church. The locations of both girls is either on a ship (Bones) and in a Cab. The motivation for both is that Bones is probably going to be recruiting more people and let them know as to how to be pirates while Gabi... She's realizing that she needs to let go and hopes that by admitting she has feelings, it will be easier for her to let go. Both are from two different plays, Angel's Wings from Midnight of the Soul and the other from Bones. What I learned from both plays is that while the girls are happy in the situation they're in (or miserable in another), they tend to lead to the opposite side from where they had started and then for Gabi's situation, more miserable than at the beginning.

  10. I chose Jimmy from play called "Flowers in the Desert" and Turk from "Holy Ground". Jimmy is young, immature while Turk seems to be mature and older, but I saw some similarities in them as well. The same way Molly is Turk's anchor, Shelly is Jimmy's anchor - Jimmy decides to quit drinking for Shelly - Shelly is holding Jimmy from drowning in his sins. Or in other words: main motivation for both Jimmy and Turk is a girl they love. What I wrote about characters is mainly based on the play (or in Jimmy's case on scene 1 from the play, because I couldn't find full-lenght play) I read. First monologue Farting is Such Sweet Sorrow from the Flowers in the Desert takes place in front of the Shelly's house and second monologue "Hungry for Death" from play "Holy Ground" takes place in a church.
    Jimmy is nearly 18 years old kid who is in love with Shelly. Jimmy is immature, drunk, doesn't know where are the boundaries, jokes all the time even at the serious moments, can be rude, doesn't think about other people's feelings, he just wants everything to be his way, he wants to be "cool" and doesn't want to be a "loser", he thinks that material things are only valuable things in the world. Jimmy grew up with his alcoholic parents and he wasn't very close to them. He is in second year of high school and he is considered to be a "cool kid" - drinking involving. In the play there is allusion that Jimmy's friends, other "cool kids", introduced him to drinking. Jimmy and Shelly are in relationship (in love) and Jimmy gave her promise ring (they probably promised each other to be together forever, as young people in love do), but Shelly doesn't like Jimmy's drinking. One night Jimmy came drunk to the Shelly's house, because he "needed her", as he said. First he met Shelly's friend - Jamie who was annoyed by Jimmy because he was drunk and he woke her up. Eventually Shelly came out, but Shelly didn't liked that he is drunk and she didn't want to do anything with him. Jimmy didn't care about what Shelly was feeling and thinking, he only wanted to fulfill his desires, while joking around with her and not being serious at all. Eventually Jimmy went mad and became rude to Shelly, asking Shelly to give back the promise ring, not caring about Shelly's feelings. Shelly threw the ring saying that she doesn't want to see him again and Jimmy went after the ring. He came back to Shelly's house with the bag on his head (because of what Shelly said) and without the ring, because he wanted to settle things down with Shelly and he wore bag because he wanted to make her smile. That's how Jimmy met Sarge. Jimmy was scared of what Sarge might do or say to him, then Jimmy is awed by the Sarge. In the dialogue with Sarge, Jimmy realized that he is bad person and he admits that he wants to change and eventually, Jimmy decided to give up drinking, but he was worried he might come out as loser, but because he wanted to win back Shelly's love, Jimmy finally decided to give up drinking for Shelly thanks to Sarge.

    1. Turk doesn't want to bother anyone, Turk is smart and humble. Turk is funny, gentle and subtle, but when evil affected him he changed. Turk lost his hope for redemption, he feels lost, he is too weak to fight, he lost his will to live, the pain inside him is too strong to handle. Turk doesn't share his pain or his problems, he isn't someone who opens up easily, he doesn't want anyone to worry about him. Turk wants to die, he feels that's the only way he can be saved from the evil. Turk was one of the Molly's students in community service orientation and they even did the roadside cleanup together, that's when Turk felt in love with Molly. He listened to her sing in a church back when she sang in church's choir; he was drawn by her voice when she rehearsed alone in church; later Turk married Molly. From the first moment Turk saw Molly, he knew she was special - she is special to him. Turk loves Molly's singing and only around Molly he feels comfortable, like himself. Molly and Turk can make each other smile and laugh, they seem like match made in heaven. Turk and Molly have unbreakable bond. Turk sees Molly as a saint. People sinned a lot, which awakened the evil in them and turned them into horrible creatures, the same is happening to Turk, but he seems to be different than the others. He started turning into this creature in his and Molly's house, worried that he will hurt Molly, he feels helpless and hopeless. Turk wants to keep Molly safe from his inner darkness, from his demons inside him, he doesn't want to hurt her. Turk doesn't want to lose Molly, but keeping her away from him is the only way to keep her safe. He wants Molly to help him, but he is scared he will hurt her. Later they escaped and ran in church, where they met Art and Bea, who helped them. Turk became mad because he thinks all hope was lost and in anger he hit Bea, which made Molly point a gun in him, then Turk became aware of what he have done and ran away in guilt, because he thought he disappointed Molly. Although Turk ran away from Molly and others, it seems that he can't leave Molly, it seems that he is still attached to her, but afraid he might hurt her, he keeps himself on certain distance from her. Turk is still trying to protect Molly, not just from himself, but from others as well. Molly keeps Turk aware of himself, Molly is the only one who can save Turk from himself, Molly is the reason why is he still fighting, she makes him strong. Later Turk comes back in the church asking Molly to come with him, but when Bea steps in, Turk seemed afraid of her. Both the evil creatures and Turk needs Molly, creatures need her strength and Turk needs her help. The creatures believe Molly can bring balance. Molly used that to trick creatures and pull Turk into church so everyone can pray for him, while he's kneeling on altar. Turk than falls asleep while Molly sings next to him, it looks like it might help for he looks calm an no longer hurting. When he woke up he was himself again. Turk seems annoyed by the Jude, Turk doesn't want to talk to him, but he did so because Molly asked him to.

      I apologize if it's hard to navigate in this text, it's because when I was writing diary of the characters I break it down in several pieces such as: background, synopsis, personality, emotions, relationships, motivations, etc. and when I was writing summary of them I tried to combine that into one text, but it might be hard to navigate in it.

    2. I had to divide it into two parts, because I broke the character limit - too many words :)

  11. "Dance with the Wind" by D. M. Larson
    I liked this monologue because the character was so soft I could almost feel the tenderness and comfort inside me.
    The main character here is a girl, some abstract force, that only brings peace. The scene is taking place in the field, where the wind has freedom to touch every leaf and every flower. The character is talking to the wind, saying that no power is greater than the power of kindness.
    I think that long before this girl and the wind were enemies, but she came to a conclussion that she can beat simply embracing and healing.

    by D. M. Larson
    I liked this monologue because of the main character, who is a super villain, and whom I imagined with a funny accent and a smirk. He is standing over a hole in the ground, where someone is lying dead, apparently. Mezmero is talking partly to this dead person, partly to himself, gloating about his evil plan having come true. Obviously, the dead man and Mezmero had some kind of a dislike of each other, that's why Mezmero killed him.

  12. The monologues which i select are
    1. Mr moo is mad
    I chose this because the character in this goes through a lot of emotional changes, so think this has comedy sad wisdom and drama. I would love to perform it

    2.never touch

    1. i agree that the two monologues that you picked would be very interesting and fun to perform

  13. I really enjoy the monologues
    beauty and perfection
    call me dumper
    they are two completely different monologues but i still find that these scripts match my similarities in life. i will have an incredible time performing these because i enjoy doing roles where i can place myself as that person since i am able to connect with the characters.

  14. The monologues are very emotional and they show vulnerability but they also show how strong the characters can be. In a breaking heart, nell is the main character and in beauty and perfection, shelly is the main character. Nell is quite sassy in a way and she wants to seem strong to everyone as she does not want to show her vulnerable side. Shelly seems as though she is quite self conscious and low in self esteem. She doesn’t see the point in life anymore, she doesn’t understand why she was born in the first place. She is very vulnerable but tries to show how strong she is by talking to herself. It is not clear where Nell is but she could be in her home or somewhere where she has met up with her boyfriend. Shelly seems as though she is at home as she is holding a mirror and talking to herself. Everything seems to just be going down hill for nell as one minute she has a boyfriend, the next she is single as her boyfriend just wants to be friends. Is it something she did or does he have eyes for someone else? Shelly seemed as though she had a rough past, maybe she was bullied as she is very low in confidence and self esteem and she thinks that if she becomes a star then she will be able to turn heads with the boys back home. I have learned from both characters that everyone is vulnerable and with Nell it may be hard at times to hide your vulnerability and completely break down or you could be like shelly who is vulnerable but tries to make herself stronger.

  15. Play: Lord Byron
    Monologue: Cain.
    This is why I loved it... Because it is so dramatic and intense, yet challenging, timing is challenging. Cain. The character is frustrated, angry, courageous, intent on proving wrong the powers that be, or god, the character is smart, has inmense clarity of purpose and message, pained by his predicament, yet valiant in refusing to submit to a "creator" who makes mistakes.

    The character is in either a theater or hell. He is angry at this concept of god. He got there by persisting in not believing the dream concocted by others. Their motivation is the search for truth, and exposing it. He is either a philantropist, empath, or caring person of some sort. He is behaving this way because after so much time spent, or rather, wasted trying to live life according to this ideal, only to see it blatantly fail as it, in itself, is a terrible lie. He knows it is time for humanity to realize this and achieve its greatness.

  16. Back to work.

    He was angry. He wants to get things done. He is sorry to have to hurt other people's feelings. He wants everyone to succeed. But doesn't have the best education on how to do so. Yet he tries to sympathize with the others. Yet he is angry, and won't let up.

  17. The monologues I chose were Before You Punch Me and Shadows Of Past. I like Before You Punch Me because its funny and I can see this happening when a dorky guy or girl is fighting over someone they like. I like Shadows Of The Past because it makes you wonder about some of the things in your own past. In monologue one its a dorky guy who has no name and in monologue two the character's name is Janey. In Before You Punch Me the character is nervous, scared and jumpy but also very passionate about the girl he's fighting for. In Shadows Of The Past Janey is afraid, angry and very sporadic. In monologue one the setting is outside in a crowd full of people, in monologue two the setting is a garden. In monologue two their motivation is to think about and explore their past and in monologue one its so he won't get punched and still get the girl. The monologue Before you Punch Me is not from a play but the monologue Shadows of the Past is from the play Bullied, Bungled and Botched.

  18. Comedy: Good Deed and Such.
    I've always liked villains in comedy pieces, and I've Always liked fantasy world with witches and magic involved, I find them very intertaining, through them I can let my fantasy fly away to new worlds.
    In this case the main character is a which, a so called "villain", trying to communicate with her peers. They are having a reunion to discuss the new Emergency: fairies wanting to take magic away from Fary Tale Land because of the bad behaviour of witches. Hilda, the character speaking in the monologue (presumably the boss of all) has to convince the Others that the situation is bad, if they don't do something they will loose everything, this calls for an important action: a Good Deed! Something no villain would like to do.
    In the play it's not easy for her to convince everybody at first. A good deed is not typical of villains, but with the right argumentation she will persue her purpose.
    Being the boss it's Hilda's job to set everybody's mind on the right idea to save her own kind. I believe she's a strong woman (characteristic I Always admire) willing to do anything to preserve her species.

    Drama: A Breaking Heart.
    Dramatic moments between lovers Always get to me. Here the main character is a girl, Nell, facing her boyfriend (or husband) wanting to break up. She passes by as a strong endependent woman, but deep down she's vulnerable and scared. She starts off by responding with sarcarsm and illusory detachment, but when the pain is too hard to take she crumbles. She doesn't want to break up, she doens't want to be alone, but she has to think of her own good. She can't be with someone 100% honest with her. At the same time breaking up is breaking her. She loves this man, deep down she feel that they are meant to be, but the moment is not right.

    1. I enjoyed reading what you had to say about these two monologues and am going to check them both out now that you've turned me on to them. Thanks for the comments & good luck in you acting journey, blessed be.

  19. I like beauty and perfection. The character keeps switching from emotion to emotion. At first, the character is conceited, then sad, then angry.

  20. I choose "Brainwashed Freaks" & "A Thing for Nerds".
    In "Brainwashed Freaks", the main character is a wolf running away from Men trying to hunt him. He is dismayed that his captured wolf counterparts are happy in their captivity. "A Thing for Nerds" main character is a woman who found security in the attention that nerds give her.

    1. Brainwashed Freaks was really good as well. My 2nd favorite.

  21. I love the range of emotions Nell shows in "A Breaking Heart".
    I also love Lane's honesty in "Call Me Dumper".

  22. The monologues i like best are:
    1)Beauty and Perfection
    2)Blessing in disguise

    I like those two monologues because they are emotion filled.

    The character in Beauty and Perfection is SHELLY, and the character in Blessing in disguise is ASHLEY.

    Shelly is a young and ambitious woman, having mixed feelings about her past and present.She is grateful for life and for how far she has come in life, but at the same time, cannot stop thinking about her past and all the struggles she's been through. Nevertheless, she is hopeful that the best of her is yet to come.
    Ashley on the other hand, is a blind rude but funny girl, and to some extent her sense of humor covers up the rude part.

    Shelly's setting could be said to be her bedroom, while Ashley is somewhere in her house, living room precisely.

    I'd say that Shelly's act was based on hope and regrets. Hope because she still thinks she can get to the peak of her career no matter what, and regrets because she wishes she could take back all the struggles she had to go through.
    Ashley on the other had is trying to motivate herself despite the fact that she is blind. She is trying to make it look like she can do whatever she wants to do, blind or not! she is also trying to use her current situation to take advantage of others.

    I believe Shelly's act or character is the way it is because, firstly, she wasn't born with a silver spoon and has had to go through some ups and downs in life, but was still fortunate enough to make it to where she is, and is still determined to go higher.
    Ashley for some reason became blind, and is fighting it emotionally, thereby consoling herself by acting normal.She is naturally rude and funny.

  23. Breaking the Hearts, was absolutely beautiful. She deserves a 10/10

  24. The first monologue I liked was "Alien Goo". I liked it because it was rather comedic and entertaining, and also because I could visualize myself performing it. For some reason reminds me of something I watched a while back. The character is the captain of a space excavation team. He seems to me like a combination of Tim Allen (as Jason Nesmith) from Galaxy Quest and a desperate salesman, and after reading some of the play (wasn't able to purchase it), a charismatic leader looking for purpose in the space expedition.

    "Alien Goo" takes place on an alien planet in the (presumably) far future. The character is saying what they are saying because they're trying to acquire the alien planet/resources/minerals via diplomacy. He's here because the GCC had taken interest in the alien planet and had sent him there to acquire it, because of his experience as captain of the space expedition. Something about him makes me think that maybe his father was the captain of an expedition before him, or something.

    The second monologue I liked is called "Go Home". I liked it, because it was well written. The main character is Cyril, who's taking the disaster very seriously, as he/she is probably a leader of some sort, and is also both very stressed, and somewhat anxious as well. The main character is taking his/her role very seriously. They truly want to help the people, but because of the direness of the situation, they can't help but become very stressed, and frustrated because they feel they have to succeed. It's as if there's an invisible weight on their shoulders that keeps getting heavier and heavier as the day draws near. The character is in a shelter of some kind, presumably fortified, or at least barricaded; secured somehow. As for his background, he seems like a natural leader; or at least the kind of person to take a stand.

  25. The first monologue I chose was "Almost Rich". The reason I chose this particular monologue is because I personally identify with it.I have owned several home businesses and had several sales job where I had the exact same feelings as the actor portraits in this monologue.Pete is the character in Death of An Insurance Salesman and he seems to be a self made man. He became successful on his own and is in charge of a company of Insurance salesman. His character is self driven and motivated for success.He feels as he sits in his office that he is real close to making it big with his business.The problem is he is also very arrogant and feels he can do as he pleases with no regards to how other feels. He has all the traits of a self destructive person who if they traveled a different path could be very successful.

    The second monologue I chose was Death By Dollars. The monologue circles around a guy named Randy. In the monologue Randy seems to be at home thinking about food and so in a comical way Randy tells about the struggles of eating healthy compared to eating what is cheap and convenient . I connect to this because of the truth told in the monologue. We all know what we need to do but the truth is we are either lazy or in a hurry and always go with convenience. I really feel most people identify with this struggle and the delivery of the information really hits home but does not make it a mood breaking statement.I think it also speaks to the addictive nature we all have for foods that are tasty but bad for us in general.Sodas,fats, and over portioned meals.We all need to resist unlike Randy who really wants his Spicy Chicken Burger before his Nuggets from the day before kill him.

  26. My first monologue is going to be on “Somebody Famous” “Melinda Street”, it’s based in a prison theatre; the main character I would say is Melinda Street, because she is supposedly a famous actress that committed murder; at least that’s supposedly why she has to wear a red jumpsuit, when she’s brought into the prison theatre. I think this part is going to be a good part for me to show different sides of my acting ability, because she acts like a seductress; but the wild thing about Melinda Street is, she feels she’s better than all the other inmates and portrays herself as just that; a high class individual that gets special privileges while she has to serve her time. While she’s in the prison the Warden decided to take funds for her to perform a play at the prison, which she has to do; because the Warden wants to be noticed before he tries to release his book.

    The second monologue I decided to adventure with is “Fairy Godmother” ”Princess Beauty”, it’s based in the Princesses kingdom; I like this particular monologue, due to the nature of Beauty having to learn, just because you’re gorgeous on the outside doesn’t mean you have the right to be ugly on the inside towards others; so she had to learn to be the same way on the inside. I have always liked stories that show the reality of things, especially when there’s lessons to be learned by the characters. Now with this particular character she was the most beautiful individual in her kingdom, but unfortunately Beauty definitely did not have the on the inside; so she had to learn a very hard lesson in life about kindness, generosity, etc….towards others. She has a reality check that people can truly love one another no matter what they look like; Beauty learned the lesson so well that she ends up not wanting her Fairy Godmother to change her back to her beautiful self, so that there’s no chance she goes back to her old ways.

  27. The first monologue I chose was "Angel's Wings" from the play, "Midnight of the Soul. I like this monolugue because it was pacted with so much feeling. The main character of the monologue is Gabi Roberts. Gabi is a nice person who is very trusting of strangers. In most of the play, she is in a church but during the monologue she is on her way to Florida. I think Gabi is apologizing to the man she fell in love with during the play. She left him in the end and I think that in this monologue she is saying she regrets it and that she would do anything to have a second chance and choose him. Gabi came from Seattle when her alcoholic husband had left her.

    The second monologue I chose was "The Girl who Broke his Finger". I chose this monologue because it was very different than my first one and because it is filled with anger. The main character of this monologue is Harmony who goes by the name of Harm. She is a very anger filled teenager who seems like she had been hurt a lot in the past. Harm is in the detention classroom of her high school. Harm is telling why she did what she did. Harm got to the point where she did't care so she broke someone's fingers. This monologue is not from a play.

    1. I like your explanation. I also viewed this video. Ironically, it does seem that Harmomy has been hurt in the past. So this is why she acts "harmful". Nice choice.

  28. It was really hard for me to choose these two monologues. I am only eleven, so many of the monologues are not compatible with my age. My mum helped me and we , together have chosen "Little Pirate" and "Wolf" monologues. I think these two characters are most of all like my person. I have imagined, that the little pirate is an orphan. He is somewhere a the seaport, waiting to "his day", when he will become a pirate. While the wolf is alone in the wood. His heart is broken and I feel he needs to have a friend.

  29. My first monologue of choice is "There's a Sweetness About You". I like it because it reminds me of my husband. The main character is a girl and she's talking to a stranger guy on the subway. The character is perceptive, pensive and sensitive. She can sense his feelings and cares enough to care about him. Maybe she's lonely and looking for someone to love and care for. The character is from a play entitled "Heart Attack". The female character, Dana is just a subway passenger, until she kisses Gus and then she becomes the climax of the play. She carries the story forward.

    The second monologue is called "I Hate Buffets" from a play entitled "When Mel Fell For Nell". In this monologue, Nell explains why she hates buffets. I chose this scene because it's something I normally would NOT choose. I want to see what I can do with it. It's about food and I love food, but I also hate buffets. It's a bit comedic and has a lot of descriptions that I think are funny so I can't wait to play around with those. Nell seems sensible and germ conscious. She hates binging and seems to have a good head on her shoulders while making decisions. She's not bossy but knows what she wants.

  30. Alien goo - comedy
    Destroy me - dramatic.

    Alien goo - captain
    Destroy me - victim of memory.

    Alien goo - space
    Destroy me - victim in the spot of incidence.

    Alien goo - captain wants alien to sign on the contract so he is saying.
    Destroy me - victim remembers the past memory which destroys him.

    Alien goo - captain on other planet with aliens.
    Destroy me - victim male got the remembering of past memory.

    Both the monologues are not from play. It is from published scripts.

  31. So I chose
    Alien Goo, scene: ''Touched by an alien''
    in the play ''Between good and evil''
    I liked this one because of the comedy that's in it, and especially the end, I can't wait to try this.

    I also chose the monologue Foot Rubs
    from the play Hippies, Housewives and Watering Holes
    because it has anger in it, which is basically my speciality
    since i get angry very easily.

    1. I'm positive that you're going to do a great job on both of the plays that you chose. Those are good choices

  32. The first one I chose is forget about me. I chose this one because I like the way the character talked and how she acted towards her sister and life in general was similar to the way I see thing. The main character's name is Moria and I believe that she's dealing with depression and other things that go on your mind when you feel that way. The main character feels like she's being stepped on by her older sister because she feels like everybody talks but her sister and no one pays attention to her and she feels like she's being punished for other people's wrongdoing. This monologue takes place I would say like in someone's bedroom she's talking to a camera. The main character keeps saying I'm never going to be as good as my sister everyone's better than me why am I even here.

    The second one I chose is blessing in disguise. I chose this one because I think it be fun to see the world through a blind person's point of view. The main character is this girl named Ashley she is blind and has a little helper.The character is optimistic about getting her eyesight back, she also thinks her she could win Miss America because she's blind. It's probably takes place in a conversation with somebody or in a video or something. What the main character is trying to get across is that you can do anything even though you're blind or have a disability.

  33. The 2 Monologue I chose are Staying Power and I Hate Buffet.

    The reason why I like both of those monologues because I can relate to them.

    Nell is the main character of I Hate Buffet and Beth is the main character of Staying Power.

    Nell is frustrated and disgusted with buffets and I completely understand why. Beth seem sad, but very hopeful.

    Why is the character saying what they are saying in the monologue? (What's their motivation?) Nell had bad experiences with buffets which made her feel upset with them. Beth see the stars and she believes that this world can be a better place.

  34. I chose "A Thing for Nerds" and "Cassandra". I think even though both are humerous they are very different. "A Thing for Nerds": I think the female Character is very hurting. She always wanted somebody in her life but always met the wrong person. The ones who are considered to be cool, good and so on. But the character didn´t want to be cool or popular she wants somebody in her life to talk to and who listens to her. I think you can hear a lot of anger and hurt in between the lines but when she thinks about the ones she loves? She is in her happy place.
    "Cassandra": I hink the monologue Cassandra isn´t near to reallity I like it because even though it´s such a diffrent role from real life I can feel the connection between cassandra and my personal life. She says that nobody ever listens to her and you can see that that puts her under a lot of pressure. She wants to help people but they didn´t listen to her. I think Cassandra is a very spiritual human being and very colourful but also a little naiv. But a that does she to help others.

  35. I chose "catchick" because being a girl with mutant cat powers obviously isn't real and couldn't happen but that is what i like about it. It is more of a struggle to connect to the role which in my mind is more of a learning possibility. The main character is a girl who is also a cat and wishes her powers could be taken from her. I also chose "Dreaming of Dragons" because it is imaginative and i like that. The main character is a girl who wishes dreams were real.

  36. My choices of monologues will be Cassandra and Demons. I feel both are so opposite and i can show emotions form both ends of the scale. There will be sarcasm and confidence in Cassandra as her character portrays a strong character who will not be undermined and fear, terror and uncertainy in Demons. This is the portrayal of a lost sole who is frantic to find out what is going on and where he is at in life. It is going to be very interesting going from one extreme to the other. Cassandras character is confident and slightly quirky while Demons character is unsure, scared and intimidated.

    1. Great choices, I want to do Demons too. Will be interesting to see what others do with it

  37. The two monologues that I like are "Before You Punch Me", and " I Need Detention". I like these monologues, because the conversation is mainly focused on a girl. Micah J. Oliver stars in "Before You Punch Me", and "I Need Detention".

    This character is tall, and his skin complexion is light. The first monologue is taking place in a dark place, and the second monologue is probably in study hall, or it is at someone's home.

    The motivation for this character is to impress a certain girl. This is howbthe character got to the point: in the first monologue, he was expressing his feelings for the girl, and then said for the bully to punch him. The second is when he was planning a michiveous idea to get into detention, so can see this girl.

  38. The monologues i will be doing include breaking hearts and before you punch me. I like the script for each and Breaking Hearts for me was the most well performed piece from all that i saw. Before you punch me was very well done as well and i am taking the challenge because the situation is one i would never expect to find myself in which is why it is perfect. On the other hand we can all relate to A Breaking heart so between the two i will both create my own emotions and dram from current ones.

  39. I liked the drama monologue Demons by Micah Oliver, he really very well acted the part out, the character setting in the kitchen, where he says stay back

  40. Molly and Turk are the characters in the Demon monologue saying I don't want to hurt you stay back

  41. 1) Why do you feel this was the best performance out of all these videos?
    Because she put her heart into it and I felt like I was really there and I could see my self in a situation like that.
    2)what was honest and real about the performance? Her tears seamed real to me
    3) How do you feel this actor did a good job with the character?
    He was really into her role.

  42. The comedy Cassandra warns Paris doom, the setting isn't clear in character descriotion, like this because of its dramatisim

  43. Why do you like the monologues?
    I like Demons and Fallen because they are somewhat similar one character is falling apart the other is going insane
    Who is the main character of each monologue?
    Turk- Demons
    What is the character like? Turk-Crazy
    Jude- falling apart

    Where is the character (the setting/place it is taking place)?
    Im guessing both take place in the dark fallen is probably outdoor, demons i think takes place in a house

    Why is the character saying what they are saying in the monologue? (What's their motivation?)
    To show the real them

    How did the character get to the point they are now? (what is their background? where did they come from? why are they behaving the way they do?)
    Bad pasts
    Is the monologue from a play? If so, read the play and write about what you learned about the character from the play.
    That not everyone is perfect

  44. The two monologues i liked was " Cassandra" and " The Wishing Star". I like these two monologues because they are really interesting to me. The main character of "Cassandra" is Cassandra the boy and the main character of "The Wishing Star" is Penny. What the character is like in "Cassandra" is that Cassandra thinks that Apollo, the god, told him that he has the power to read the future, but every time he talks nobody listens or believes him. What the character is like in " The Wishing Star" is that Penny, the school drama leader, is talking and dreaming about her wishes she made to the stars. The setting for "Cassandra" is during the Trojan War and the setting for " The Wishing Star" is a high school stage/theater. The character is saying what they are saying in "Cassandra" is because Cassandra was cursed hoping that they would believe him that he has the power to read the future because Apollo told him that she can read the future but nobody believes him. The character is saying what they are saying in "The Wishing Star" is because every time she see's star she makes wishes all the time hoping that they will come true. How the character in "Cassandra" got to the point they are now because thinking leads to knowing and not knowing and Penny from " The Wishing Star" got to the point she is now because she makes wishes and she hopes and knows that it will come true. What i learned from the monologue "The Wishing Star" is that if you make a wish it can come true and what i learned from "Cassandra" is that if you say no more complications will happen.

  45. The monologues I will be doing is
    1.Hope -Dramatic
    2.Cassandra- Comedy

    I like these two monologues because they are very interesting to me.

    The main characters are Cassandra and Grace.

    Grace is a person that has regretted a lot of things that put her friend in a bad situation.

    Cassandra is person that always wants people to listen to her and understand her and explain to her whats going on.

    Graces setting is in a bedroom and Cassandra setting is in during the trojan war.

    Their motivation are for Cassandra- Apollo gave here powers read the future and wants to know more about the powers she has.

    Grace motivation is after she put her friend in danger she would sacrafice everything to keep him safe.

  46. I chose alien goo and fallen because they seem to be opposite to each other.

    For me alien goo feels like I would be the captain
    Fallen just seems like a angry/sad story which I believe could help me because I'm not good in a sad story

  47. I'm gonna choose Beauty and Perfection which is from a play, I imagine the character in a dressing room about to make her debut, but lives in kind of a fantasy that the only reason she matters is if she becomes famous.
    my second choice is My Dream, and I feel these are contrasting because they show 2 different personalities, the first is an egotistical woman, and the second is a more down to earth.

  48. I also feel like Lane's character is almost like me in the sense that we both find this strange kind of happiness with one thing and we can't find it anywhere else.
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  49. My first choice is "I hate Buffets". The character is realising that quantity is replacing quality and that eating is about consumed volume and not taste and creation. He also acknowledges the fact that eating a lot makes him feel unwell almost up to vomiting.

    My second choice is "Demons". Fascinating monologue about an individuals suffering and inner torture. It is not quite clear how he ended up where he is but is does not want to hurt a loved one and rather accepts distance than the possibility bringing harm to her. He is hopeful for a moment she might have a solution to his pain but realises it owns him

  50. My favorites were Ice Queen and End The Hurting. I like these because one is really funny and I can relate personally to End The Hurting. In the Ice Queen, the main character is someone who is angry because the woman she is obsessed with dislikes her. She is mad because she does so many things to get her to like her but she still keeps rejecting her. And in End The Hurting, the main character understands the reasons she is being bullied and stands up to it. She is standing up to it because she has been hurting for so long.

  51. big bad wolf and double rainbow the main characters are the wolf and layla. i like them because the one is funny and the other one i can relate to the big bad work is talking to the news and layla is sitting outside watching for rainbows. Big bad iss trying to prove he is not bad. Layla loves looking for rainbows because it comforts her

  52. My favorites are Angel wings and end the hurting cause they are very heartfelt and realistic

  53. I chose alien goo for my first one because I like the dialogue and know I can have fun with it and second one is almost rich because it kind of represents my job as a telephone sales men and I know about the hunger of just getting the sale!!!

  54. 1. Alien Goo
    2.burn his huse down
    i like them cause i can easily practise them an i was already doing one

  55. 1)first words
    2)a breaking heart.
    I liked them because of the emotions they have throughout the script.

  56. First words and A Breaking Heart
    I liked the scripts because of the emotions in them

  57. I like to play the monologue a breaking heart❤👌

  58. Help me guys I'm doing acting classes working and trying to start a shoe line I need some capital to get the price down here's the go fund me page and in the description there's a link to actually purchase our 1st developed shoe thanks for the support!!!!

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  60. I'll like to play: Breaking heart
    And Cassandra