Sunday, January 1, 2017

Lesson 5 Free Online Acting School Help for Actors 2017 Edition

Watch the following serious (dramatic) acting performances in the videos: 

Answer the following questions in the blog comments below:

Which monologue video do you feel was the best?

Why do you feel this was the best performance out of all these videos?

What was honest and real about the performance?

How do you feel this actor did a good job with the character?

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  1. number 2 she was as honest as the character her self

  2. the second one. the lady really fit in the charecter and lived the part he played.

  3. I agree second one was the best. You could feel the emotion in her voice.

  4. the second one is so realistic and I feel it's the best of them

  5. she did well especially when she chose a love topic

  6. 1. #7.

    2. She was able to reach a depth that most of the other actors here either didn't attempt to reach or couldn't reach without it looking desperate. Furthermore, her facial expression is the one of the stand out features within this particular performance.

    3. Given the fact that she was on the brink of crying, that had to do it for me as that shows her weakness and thus she is allowing us to go inside her (or rather her character's) mind and see the vulnerable side of her.It's very well done to say the least.

    4. The easiest way to give an "honest" performance under these monologues is to show your vulnerability and she was one of the few that attempted to do it and one of the fewer who actually succeeded without it coming off as desperate

  7. The best monlogue I picked was A Breaking Heart.

    I picked this one because her true feelings like she was really gone through it. She looked like she was about to cry and I was too. Her heart was in that with the soul. Respect.

  8. I enjoyed A Breaking Heart
    I felt it was the best because you could feel the heart break she was going through, she practically went through the experience, and if I didn't know she was acting I probably would've thought she was serious.

  9. I feel the 7th video was the best. She did a good job becoming the character. Her emotions were honest. I would believe she was doing a real online diary type recording.

    You did great! I could see the emotion you felt with your family.

  10. I enjoyed the 2nd monologue the most. Her emotions were so real and honest. Her facial expressions matched up with her voice nicely. The other monologues didn't really do that for me, and again, some of them were acting and not BEING. You shouldn't be able to tell when someone is acting. Even so, it is very hard to perform a dramatic monologue accurately, and everybody did a great job!

  11. Second one felt realistic and was the best one

  12. I liked number #8, She did a good job. Her emotions were honest. She was great:)

  13. i strongly believe that number one was more convincing than. She pour her heart out !

  14. I liked both #24 and 1 because 1 was honest, relative to me, and 24 was like something was moving with the music and the words. Both definitely gave me the goosebumps.

  15. I really liked Michael J. Oliver and The Not so Perfect monologue.

    Michael J. Oliver: because he works with his face expressions, voice, posture and movement - he works with all the elements an actor should. He really delivered his love his character is feeling towards a girl and his doubts about the girl's love towards him - it really seemed real and honest. As I said - Michael did good job with using all the elements an actor should work with.

    The Not so Perfect Child monologue: This may seem like I'm contradicting to what I said about Michael, but even if she didn't use movement or posture, she delivered really powerful and honest performance using just her face expressions, voice and pauses. Her portrayal of the character was spot on - her doubts about herself, her wish to change herself, envying her sister to be so perfect and hating her simultaneously... Really great performance

    1. And can I just add that it's really hard to comment on someone's performance not knowing the context of the monologue?

  16. The first one she was all in to it she has a strong voice and was in good detail

  17. I loved the first one so much she had very well done facial expressions and her motions were great I think there wasent really anything she could fix it was so good