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Lesson 3 Free Online Acting School Help for Actors 2017 Edition


Who are your top 10 favorite actors?

Who are your favorite actors Part 3 of Free Acting School

First check out my list of my favorite male actors:

And my list of favorite actresses:

Do you agree or disagree with any of the actors on my list?  Who are your top 10 favorite actors?  Explain why some of the actors are on your list.

Post your thoughts in the comments below and then you must then respond to another actor in this class.  Your interactions MUST be positive or you will NOT receive a certificate at the end of the class or get feedback from the instructor.


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  1. 1 Jace Norman
    2 Kevin Hart
    3 Benjamin Flores Jr.
    4 Cree Cicchino
    5 king bach
    6 Brandy
    7 Bailee Madison
    8 Breanna Yde
    9 Chris Rock
    10 Jack Griffo

    1. OMG yes! They are some of my favorite actors too. Jace is a really good actor and Cree is so talented

    2. my top 10 famous andf greatest of all time is
      1. Harrison Ford
      2. Jack Nicholson
      4. AL PACINO
      6. CHARLES Bronson
      7.Brad pitt
      8. dustin hOFFMAN
      9. Chris Rock
      10. Kevin Hart

    3. 1.Kevin Hart
      2.Ice cube
      .Mike Epps
      4.Dwayne Johnson
      5.Vin Diesel
      6.Will Smith
      7. Jaden Smith
      8.Kate Winslet
      9.Gabrielle Union
      10. Tanja P.Henson

    4. I agree with your actors cause they take there roles very serious and they really good actors

  2. i agree with your favorite actors as well as actress lists. well my list is below including some of your actors.
    1. Tom Cruise
    2. Leonardo DiCaprio
    3. Daniel Craig
    4. Charlie Chaplin
    5. Arnold Schwarzenegger
    6. tom hanks
    7. scarlet Johannson
    8. Jack Nicholson
    9. Dustin Hoffman
    10.Brad Pitt

    1. We share some of the same actors in comman. Why are they your favorite? You've chosen great actors.

    2. I agree with your chooses because they have done some great work, my top ten favorite actors are.

      1. Tyler Perry
      2. Megan Good
      3.Terrance Howard
      4. Cicely Tyson
      5. Taraji P. Henson
      6. Kevin Hart
      7. Gabourey Sidibe
      8. Kimberly Ellis Ross
      9. Vivica A. Fox
      10. Sanaa Lathan

  3. I agree with your actresses and actors. They're really good actors. My list may include just a little of yours.
    1. Kevin Heart
    2.Denzzel Washington
    3.Will smith
    4.Dwayne Johnson
    5.Adam Sandler
    6.Lenoardo DiCaprio
    7.Robin Williams
    8.Matt Damon
    9.Tom Hanks
    10.Forest Whitaker
    The reason some of these actors are my favorite it's because the give me encouragement to keep doing what I'd like to do. Their performances are well performed.

    1. Those are all great actors! Are you a comedy type of person because there are a lot of comedic people on your list?

    2. I agree they are all really good actors. I like the list.

    3. Forest Whittaker, Denzel, Matt Damon yes! Three of the greats!

  4. I agree with most of your favorite actors and actresses for some of the same reasons too. I don't really have a most favorite or least favorite actor, I like actors for different reasons, so my list is just that and not a ranking.
    1.Ewan Mcgregor
    I think he is a great actor and an all around great person. It was his portrayal of 'Obi-Wan' in the 'Star Wars' saga that really made 'Star Wars' enjoyable for me.
    2 Viggo Mortensen
    As I said in the previous lesson, he is a phenomenal method actor. He has great perseverance and determination which I try to emulate.
    3 Leonardo DiCaprio
    He is a genius when it comes to the acting industry and I believe that any character he is given he can inhabit with ease as he did in 'The Revenant' or even 'Inception'.
    4 Jennifer Lawrence
    I love actors who are talented and have great personalities off the screen. Jennifer Lawrence is a prime example of this. She also has incredible range going from playing a dramatic role as Katniss in 'The Hunger Games' trilogy to a comedic role in 'Silver Linings Playbook'.
    5 Paul Rudd
    Ever since I saw him in 'Wanderlust' along side Jennifer Aniston, next on the list, I have liked him as an actor. He is a great comedic actor who can also play dramatic roles when he wants.
    6 Jennifer Aniston
    I also discovered Jennifer in 'Wanderlust' and afterward had to watch more shows with her in them. As I did I grew to love her as a talented actress and I look forward to any movie with her in it.
    7 Denzel Washington
    Everyone knows and loves him. He is a genius in anything that he puts his mind to.
    8 Tom Hanks
    He is another actor who has shown great range from roles like 'Forrest Gump' in 'Forrest Gump' to 'Sully' in 'Sully'. He is a legend.
    9 Harrison Ford
    Another legend. He is an all around great actor and very funny as well. I find a lot of encouragement when I look at his carrier know thing that wherever you start you still have a chance to be one of the greats.
    10 Al Pacino
    Yet another legend. He is one of the most influential people alive today. His carrier is an inspiration to me because not only is he an excellent actor but an amazing director, screenwriter, and stage actor.

    I know that was a lot of reading but I take points from all these people and I hope to one day be on someones list just like this one.

    1. your list is very good and I liked that you explained.

  5. Matt Leblanc
    Leonardo DiCaprio
    Matthew Perry
    Aaron Paul
    Bryan Cranston
    Scarlet Johannson
    Will Smith
    Dwayne Johnson
    Jennifer Lawrence
    Jennifer Aniston

    1. I love the actors and actress you have chosen.

    2. Quite versatile list, I didn't puto Bryan Crnston on my list, but only because I picked first 10 actors that came on my mind and I do think that Cranston is just amazig actor, very versatile as well. And I'm looking forward to new Will Smith's movie The Collateral Beauty, I don't know if you know about it, but you can put it on your "to-watch" list, it seems like very interesting movie and casting is quite incredible as well. :)

  6. #1 Robin Williams
    #2 Tom hanks
    #3 Heath ledger
    #4 Robert Deniro
    #5 El Pacino
    #6 Jack nichelson
    #7 Anthony Hopkins
    #8 Ben affleck
    #9 Matt Damon
    #10 Eddie Redmayne

    1. oh I absolutely agree with you! 8 actors from ur list r surely on mine! For me Anthony Hopkins, Robert De Niro, Robin Williams r legendary! Love Tom Hanks and oh Heath Ledger was brilliant...
      love your list

  7. These are the list of my favorite actors:
    Adil Imam
    charlie Chaplin
    tom cruise
    brad Pitt
    angelina jolie
    will smith
    jackie chan

  8. 1) Daniel Day Lewis
    2)Robbin Williams
    3)Morgan Freeman
    4)Melyl Streep
    5)Johnny Depp
    6)Tom Hanks
    7)Kate Winslet
    8)Audrey Hepburn
    9)Adele Exarchopoulos
    10)Audrey Tautou

    1. Hi! I chose yours because I see we have a couple of the same favorites! lol I LOVE Meryl streep, she is such an inspiration!

    2. I agree for johnny depp to be first. he is an awesome actor!

  9. 1. Leonardo DiCaprio
    2. Jack Nicholson
    4. Emma Stone
    5. Jennifer Lawrence
    6. Jon Bernthal
    7. Robin Williams
    8. Samuel L. Jackson
    9. Julianne Moore
    10. George Clooney

    Hugh Jackman
    Anna Kendrick
    Christian Bale
    Liam Neeson
    Kate Winslet
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt
    Will Smith
    Mark Hamill
    Jake Gyllanhaal
    Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Scarlett Johansson
    Daniel Radcliff
    Charles Chaplin
    Gregory Peck

  10. I also agree with your actors and actress on list. Mine are

    1) Leonardo DiCaprio
    2) Denzal Washington
    3) Tom Hanks
    4) Robin Williams
    5) Terry Crews
    6) Deray Davis
    7) Samuel L. Jackson
    8) Bernie Mac
    9) Liam Neeson
    10) Mark Wahlberg

    1. Yes! I think we have the same taste in actors. I forgot about Mark Wahlberg, he is actually one of the best.

  11. Mr Doug Larson, your list is just fine but I have to admit, I haven't heard of some of the actors/actresses but if they're on your list, they must be outstanding. here's my list

    1. Kevin Hart
    2. Dwayne Johnson
    3. Chris Evans
    4. Scarlett Johansson
    5. Jennifer Lawrence
    6. Shailene Woodley
    7. Angelina Jolie
    8. Ryan Guzman
    9. Anna Kendrick
    10. Mark Wahlberg

    I love these group of people because in every of their movies, you never seem to find a flaw or an ounce of dissatisfaction in each of their roles. They balance the mix of emotions, actions and express comical feelings is adequately balanced

    1. I forgot about Shailene Woodley and Anna Kendrick, but they are amazing. Your list is flawless.

  12. I agree with your list of actors. Unfortunately I only know a few on your list, but I am pretty sure they're all amazing actresses and actors. My list goes :

    1. Will Smith
    2. Kevin Hart
    3. Dwayne Johnson
    4. Vin Diesel (Mark Sinclair)
    5. Leonardo DiCaprio
    6. Denzel Washington
    7. Joseph Morgan
    8. Daniel Gillies
    9. Terry Crews
    10. Martin Lawrence

  13. I agree with your list of actors. Unfortunately I only know a few on your list, but I am pretty sure they're all amazing actresses and actors. My list goes :

    1. Will Smith
    2. Kevin Hart
    3. Dwayne Johnson
    4. Vin Diesel (Mark Sinclair)
    5. Leonardo DiCaprio
    6. Denzel Washington
    7. Joseph Morgan
    8. Daniel Gillies
    9. Terry Crews
    10. Martin Lawrence

    1. I like your list I know all except 8. Daniel Gullies who is he? My list is here if you would like to view it

  14. 1. Angela Bassett because she's very believable in her acting
    2. Denzel Washington because he he can play two different type of people.
    3. Geena Davis
    4. Vivica Fox
    5. Joseph Morgan
    6. Morgan Freeman
    7 Jada Pinkett Smith
    8 Tom Cruise
    9. Angelina Jolie
    10. Tyler Perry

  15. 1. Morgan Freeman
    2. Will Smith
    3. Dwayne Johnson
    4. Leonardo-de-Capreo
    5. Sharon Stone
    6. Tom Cruise
    7. Peter Dinklage
    8. Kith Harinton
    9. Heath Ledger
    10. Angelina Jolie

  16. I totally agree with you. All of them are fabulous actors sir. I being a foreigner is not so much acquainted with each of them but most of them are quite reputed actors

  17. I agree with your list of favorites, everyone has their own opinion. My top ten would be:
    1. Will Smith
    He is amazing! So funny and very versatile!
    2. Ben Stiller-Also extremely funny! Able to play serious parts even if it is in the middle of a silly movie!
    3. David Spade
    4. Milissa McCarthy
    5. Leonardo Dicaprio
    6. Robin Williams
    7. Meryl Streep
    8. Natalie Portman
    9. Harrison Ford
    10. Julia Roberts

  18. Your list looks very well formulated, although I have unfortunately not been able to see all the movies mentioned, it is now on my to-do list.
    My favorites are, in no particular order-
    Meryl Streep-A talented singer as well as an amazing actress who continues to delight.
    Jennifer Lawrence- For playing a range of characters and nailing every one of them- I'm very excited to see Passengers!
    Daisy Ridley- Not so much for Rogue One, but for her audition tape for Rogue One. I have never been so impressed with an audition. Even so, I would love to see her in more of a dramatic scenario.
    Benedict Cumberbatch- I have nothing but respect for him, as he has impressed me in every way possible in every role he has ever taken on.
    Keira Knightly- Benedict's co-star in The Imitation Game, she also delivered a performance I will never forget.
    Scarlett Johansson- In her range of performances, they always have a lasting impression.
    Angelina Jolie- Even in Maleficent she was outstanding.
    Emma Watson- Not only for Harry Potter, but for being the only one from Harry Potter to use that to launch her career and continue to impress.
    Tom Hanks- For being able to switch between comedy adn drama flawlessly.

    1. I forgot one- all the amazing actors and actresses who haven't had their chance yet but will impress us all.

    2. I love everyone you picked out as well! They are all so good!

  19. My top 10 favourite actors/actresses are:

    1. Johnny Depp
    2. Vera Farmiga
    3. Rachel Mcadams
    4. Jennifer Lawrence
    5. Zac Efron
    6. natalie portman
    7. Lupita Nyong
    8. Emma Watson
    9. Noami Watts
    10. Sam Claflin

    I think all of them are able to tackle a variety of different characters and portrait them in a unique way.
    I think the list you have put together is also filled with very talented actors.

  20. 1. Anna Kendrick
    2. Anne Hathaway
    3. Zac Efron
    4. Sabrina Carpenter
    5. Jace Norman
    6. Kira Kosarin
    7. Isabella Moner
    8. Jack Griffo
    9. Jade Pettyjohn
    10. Leo Howard

  21. 1. Johnny Depp 1. Scarlett Johansson
    2. Leonardo DiCaprio 2. Margot Robbie
    3. Brad Pitt 3. Jessica Аlba
    4. ashton Kutcher 4. Rachel Mcadams
    5. Will Smith 5. Cameron Diaz
    6. Jensen Ackles 6. Nina Dobrev
    7. Ian Somerhalder 7. Blake Lively
    8. Ryan Gosling 8. Melissa Mccarthy
    9. Kevin Hart 9. Sandra Bullock
    10. Zac Efron 10. Kat Graham

    1. All of them - agreed! Some of them were in the same movie and now I'm left wondering who did the best job there haha

    2. I completely agree that all of these actors are absolutely amazing with perfect technique. We have a lot of the same actors.

  22. 1.Johnny Depp
    He plays so many exotic roles, but the way he acts and how he can do so many different ones, is why astounds me so much.
    2.Song Joong Ki
    Not only because he is one id the better actors in korea, but because he can play so many different types of characters. He can sway ones feelings quite easily with his brilliant acting. His facial expressions are perfect.
    3.Ian Somerhalder
    My favorite vampire man, I must say. But he is deffinitly great with the bad boy roles.
    4.Brad Pitt
    I love him for his Achelles character in "Troy" he has the look of a god aswell. He does a decently great job
    5.Adam Sandler
    My favorite comedy actor. He can play it serious and he can play is hilarious. Hes always got me on my toes,or on the floor laughing.
    A beautiful korean actress, shes especially great with rebel roles. Shes great with the leading female. She has a strong part in most of her movies or tv shows.
    7.Park Seo Joon
    As cute as he is, he is a good 2nd man role in movies or tv shows. Hes always trying to steal the girl, and I can see his sincerity in his acting. I can always feel his pain, he does well for a rookie.
    8.Selena Gomez
    Although shes more known as a singer these days, ill never forget her spontanious roles she played. She was good at her type of character. The sarcastic type.
    9.Jennifer Aniston
    With good looks and good acing, shes can really show person how its done. O think she acts quite well and is great with her facial expressions.
    10. Shin Se Kyung
    Shes really good at the cold type of character roles. Sje can get me to cry with her great dramatic acting.

    1. I did like Adam Sandler's role in Billy Maddison when he's supposed to be stupid and then has to go back to kindergarten to high school in a certain time period to take over his father's business or have it go to someone else.

  23. 1.Bipin karki
    2.Leonardo di caprio
    3.morgan freeman
    4.Saugat malla
    5.Tom Hanks
    6.Tom Hardy
    7.Charlie Chaplin
    8.Robert De Niro
    9.Joseph Gordon-Levitt
    10.matt damon

  24. I Do agree with your list and My top 10 Actors are
    1) Will Smith
    2) Johnny Depp
    3) Robert Downey Jr.
    4) Chris Pratt
    5) Adam Sandler
    6) Tom Cruise
    7) James Franco
    8) Robert Pattinson
    9) Seth Rogen
    10) Tobey Maguire

  25. I agree with some of the actors and actresses you've listed (just Fireflies I haven't seen).

    10. Carrie Fisher for her role as Princess Leia in the original Star Wars.
    9. Russel Crowe
    8. Hugh Jackman
    7. Jennifer Lawrence- for both her roles in Joy and the Hunger Games.
    6. Peter Dinklage because why not? Everyone loves him as an actor.
    5. Anne Hathaway
    4. Morgan Freeman
    3. Liv Tyler- I just loved her as Arwen in Lord of the Rings.
    2. Sean Bean- though he's always killed off early, he does take his characters seriously enough that he offers to be the first one to get killed off like in Lord of the Rings as Boromir.
    1. Robin Williams for he always makes me laugh or cry depending on the movie.

    1. Robin Williams is a great choice for #1. He was great in many different roles and more than just a comedian.
      I miss that guy!

    2. Great list! Russel Crowe is one of my favorites, but again, I forgot about him and neglected to put him on my list!

  26. In random order and are only 10 of my favorites that come to mind.
    1. Morgan Freeman
    2. Viola Davis
    3. Benedict Cumberbatch
    4. Chris Evans
    5. Laurence Fishburne
    6. Natalie Portman
    7. Tom Hanks
    8. Joseph Gordon-Levitt
    9. Eartha Kitt
    10. Kimberly Elise

    1. Tom hanks is the best, i love to watch him act.he inspires me.

  27. As far as me agreeing with your list,
    #1 Male Actor, I love to see Dustin Hoffman in just about anything! I haven't seen all of his films but he is hard to forget.

    Your pick for #1, honestly, I haven't seen films she's been in.
    I did notice that you have Keira Knightley and I loved her in The Duchess and the Imitation Game. She is really good!

  28. I'll try to make a list of top 10 male actors that in random order, but I'll pick actors that are: dedicated to the craft, ready to explore their role to the extremes, actors that explore their curiosity, actors that seem like different person from role to role, actors that bring their character to life, actors who live their roles...
    1. Christian Bale (who risked his life losing his weight for The Machinist)
    2. Benedict Cumberbatch (who played two very different geniuses in The Imitation Game and in The Sherlock and both are very well played)
    3. Heath Ledger (who is almost unrecognizable from role to role)
    4. Kevin Spacey (who I saw in Bridge of Spies and The House of Cards and his characters are very different and very believable)
    5. Dustin Hoffman (who really hides himself in his character physically, mentally and emotionally, he's just different person from role to role)
    6. Daniel Day-Lewis (who isolated himself from all modern technology and used tools from certain century while preparing for his role, I can't remember exactly the name of the movie)
    7. Eddie Redmayne (who researched and explored the phases of the paralysis Stephen Hawking has for Redmayne's role in The Theory of Everything)
    8. Leonardo DiCaprio (who is very different man from role to role and every character he does feels very real)
    9. Robert De Niro (who worked as a taxis for his role in The Taxi Driver)
    10. Toby Jones (who plays this very strange characters and is brilliant doing it,whether it's voice over or on screen)

  29. Top ten actors for me:

    1. Johnny Depp (It amazes me how he can play so different characters in films.For example 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to Pirates of the Caribbean!)

    2. Jennifer Lawrence (She nails every role she is given, there is so much emotion to what she acts.)

    3. Taylor Lautner (Loved him in Twilight and Abduction,also can play the roles given.)

    4. Nina Dobrev (Amazing actress in 'The Vampire Diaries' so many different emotions were played throughout the series.)

    5. Dylan O'Brien (Loved in 'Teen Wolf' and 'The Maze Runner', can also play a range of roles.)

    6. Holland Roden (Also love in 'Teen wolf' so much expression she could be happy one minute crying the next.)

    7. Ian Somerhalder (Amazing in 'Lost' and 'The Vampire Dairies)

    8. Emma Watson (Really good in 'Harry Potter' also can't wait for 'Beauty and The Beast'.)

    9. Jim Parsons (Can't even explain how much I adore him in 'Big Bang Theory'!)

    10. Crystal Reed (Love her in 'Teen Wolf.)

    1. Absolutely love Nina dobrev in the vampire diaries the way she can portray so many emotions in to 1-2 characters is just amazing!

    2. Jenifer Lawrence is good.You would want to check out her other movies after seeing her.

  30. 1-Eddie Redmayne: I am so impressed from his film The Theory of Everything, he played the character so realistic. And I am looking forward for Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them's other films.
    2-Johnny Depp: I love him because he becomes one person between him and his character.
    3-Emma Watson: She is one of my favorites. My favorite character of her is Hermione Granger from Harry Potter series, she becomes the character. And her film Colonia was so impressive.
    4-Jim Parsons: I can't think The Big Bang Theory without him.
    5-Jennifer Lawrence: I think I felt everything as she showed in The Hunger Games. She is so good...
    6-Robert Downey Jr.: I am in love how he plays his characters 'madly'.
    7-Tom Hanks: I love almost every film of him but The Green Mile just ruined me. Such a great acting...
    8-Jim Carrey: I love his face expressions!
    9-Jude Law: He is the great actor of the James Watson character.
    10-Martin Freeman: The Hobbit films can't be considered without him.

    1. Wow it sounds like you know alot about those actors they sound really cool nice job :)

    2. Completely agree on Jim Parsons.

  31. My favorite actor- Dove Cameron
    2. Jenna ortega
    3. Ariana greenblatt
    4. Zendaya
    5. Jace norman
    6. Roma downey
    7. Skai Jackson
    8.Peyton list
    9. Debby ryan
    10.Francesca Capaldi

  32. 1.Robert Downing Jr
    2.Heath Ledger (Rip):(
    3.Tom Cruise
    4.Ian Hecox
    5.Chriss Pratt
    6.Jim Carrey
    7.Morgan Freeman
    8.Mark Walberg

    I only really have 8

    1. YES!!!! I forgot my favorite (duh!) Jim Carrey! Also Robert Downing Jr. They are both so great actors!

  33. 1.Val Kilmer
    2.David Niven
    3.Kurt Russell
    4.Denzel Washington
    5.Cicely Tyson
    6.Tommy Lee Jones
    7.Lionel Barrymore
    8.Joe Pesci
    9.Tom Hardy
    10.Don Knott's
    These are my favorite actors for many reasons. They choose challenging roles, they all are able to play a wide range of characters, but most of all they are very passionate, emotional actors that add depth to their characters. Also, I agree with all of the actors on your top 10 lists except the #9, #10, and #11 actresses just because I don't know who they are.

  34. Hi again! Actors: Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, Charles Chaplin, Anthony Hopkins, Michael Keaton, Steve Martin, Mark Hamill, Ryan Reynolds, Christopher Walken, Heath Ledger. Actresses: Julianne Moore, Amy Adams, Susan Sarandon, Meryl Streep, Natalie Portman, Julia Roberts, Emily Blunt, Maggie Smith, Carrie Fisher, Nicole Kidman. Great actors all of them! <3

  35. Top 10 favourite actors
    1. Chad Michael Murray
    2. Nina Dobrev
    3. Adam sandler
    4. Paul Wesley
    5. Ian Somerhalder
    6. Hilarie burton
    7. Sophia bush
    8. Mila Kunis
    9. Steve peacocke
    10. Zac Efron

    Each and everyone of these actors are all truely amazing actors. I can relate to some of the roles they've played in movies/ tv shows and some are just also so amazing and being able to entertain and make me laugh.

  36. Ryan Phillippe- he will make you fall in love with the character that he is playing and he brings it to life.
    Hilary Swank
    Jenifer Lawrence
    Reese Witherspoon-she is funny and knows how to act her roles.
    Dwayne Johnson
    Paul Walker-he puts emotions into it
    Will Smith
    Taraji P Henson_she puts effort , energyand love into her acting
    Tom Hanks
    Jessica Alba
    Leonardo Dicaprio

  37. 1.Johny Depp
    2.Jim Carrey
    3.Robert Downey Jr.
    The previous three have impersonated so many characters in such different kinds of movies that's why they are top-3.
    4.Nicole Kidman, just because she is very nice and emotional
    5.Scarlett Johansson
    6.Keanu Reeves
    7.Brad Pitt - he has done a lot of characters and was awesome in every one of them
    8.Morgan Freeman
    9.Merilin Monroe
    10.Nina Dobrev(not as famous, but a really good actress)

    1. All of these actors and actresses are amazing

  38. 1-Will Smith
    2-Hugh Laurie
    3-Halle Berry
    4-Sylverster Stallone
    5-Mercy Johnson
    6-Fabrice Éboué
    7-Thomas N'Guijol
    8-Julia Roberts
    9- Jennifer Lopez
    10- Jennifer Aniston

    1. Will smith is really a great actor, he teaches us a lot of thing which inspires us to become an actor

    2. love numbers 1,2,3,8,9,10) they are too many to just chose 10:)I need to familiarize myself with some of the actors from your list.

  39. 1. Morgan freeman
    2. Hugh jackman
    3.Christian bale
    4.Irfaan khan
    5.leonard di caprio
    6.tom hanks
    7.johny depp
    8.brad pitt
    9. Nasiruddin shah
    10.nawazuddin siddaqui

    No. 4,9,10 being indian actors they are the best version of acting in hindi cinema i've ever seen. Morgan freeman, he's the god dear.
    Rest all of them has given their best in all of their performance

  40. Every actor give his beat performance in his movie. Some can do grate job and some could not. The actors whom i find grate and like their acting are here
    1.Amir Khan
    2.Irfan Khan
    3.Nawazuddin Siddiqui
    4.Sarukh Khan
    5.Jackie Chan
    6.Daniel Radcliffe
    7.Tom Cruise
    8.Peter Parker
    9.Jason Stàthan
    10.Robert Downey

  41. 1.nina dobrev
    2. jensen ackles
    3. harrison ford
    4. blake lively
    5. daniel radcliff
    6. james McAvoy
    7. leonardo dicaprio
    8. jim carrey
    9. Katherine Mcnamara
    10. Bob Morley

    this was very hard to pick since they're so many amazing and talented actors and actresses.

    1. I have to say that I definitely agree with all of your actors and actresses. You have a great taste in actors.

    2. I like Harrison Ford and Jim Carrey, nice list.

  42. Although I have not heard of some of the actors and actresses that were in the lists at the top, I have to agree that Tom Hanks and Robin Williams for actors are amazing are definitely in my top 10. They are able to show so much emotion whilst joking around. I agree that Keira Knightley, Kate Winslet and Scarlett Johansson should be in the top 10 as they are all able to show that they are not just vulnerable women but that they can also stand up for themselves and who they believe in.

    my top 10 Actors and Actresses are:
    Robin Williams
    Johnny Depp
    Meryl Streep
    Julie Walters
    Pierce Brosnan
    Keira Knightley
    Kate Winslet
    Scarlett Johansson
    Demi Lovato
    Ivy Latimer

  43. its too hard to give your favorite performers a number:
    I left a comment about male actors (my favorite are -Anthony Hopkins, -Robert De Nero, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks, -Robbin Williams, -Heath Ledger, -Jack Nicolson, -Tom Hardy, -El Pacino, -James McCovey, -Eddie Redmayen.....
    my favorite actresses are:
    -Kate Winslet (love her will to work hard, her belief in herself no matter what, for me she's not only amazing actress but an inspiration)
    -Kate Blanchet (I feel inner power in her characters)
    -Kiera Knightly (she can be absolutely different, but she has her own style, that can be followed in her performances)
    -Audrey Hepburn (admire her personality, her natural way of acting)
    -Ann Hathaway (I believe her character, she just tell you a story simply and beautifully)
    -Meryl Streep (there's no need of explanation...watched all her movies)
    -Emma Stone (on my list now after LaLa Land performance I've written about earlier)
    -Charlize Theron (she can be absolutely different, she s not afraid of playing new roles, of doing smth she has never done before)
    -Julianne Moor, -Jennifer Lawrence, -Amy Adams, -Marion Cotillar

  44. In absolutely no order of prefference towards importance:
    Keanu Reeves (Speed, FBI guy, Matrix, Bill&ted)
    Rutger Hauer - Mystic roles
    Peter Weller (Screamers, I love it that he is a survivalist at heart.)
    John Lithgow -3rd rock from the sun, Genius
    Bill Murray - humor
    Steve Martin - humor
    Chevy Chase - how funny his humor is to me.

  45. I agree with all actors on the list.
    1. Jayden Bartels
    2. Margot Robbie
    3. Scarlett Johannson
    4. Jen Lawrence
    5. Cree Cicchino
    6. Mark Wahlberg
    7. Kevin Hart
    8. Blake Lively
    9. Jim Parsons
    10.Amanda Seyfreid
    All of these actors have emotion, can play any character, and they really take the role of their character.

  46. 1. Tom Hanks
    2. Robin Williams
    3. Heath Ledger
    4. scarlett johansson
    5. Tom Cruise
    6. Hugh Jackman
    7. Robert Dowrey Jr.
    8. Kamal Hassan
    9. Rajnikanth
    10. Ranbir Kapoor

  47. I like most actors in your list, not all of them, but I respect your the reasons.

    This is my list:

    #1 Meryl Streep.
    I mean, she doesn't really need an explanation, she's a chameleon. In every movie I've seen her in, she was able to take you inside the screen and be part of the story.

    #2 Angelina Jolie
    I actually really like the humanitarian person she is. Her best interpretations are probably in Gia and Girl, Interrupted.

    #3 Eva Green.
    Her eyes make you forget everything, and in the last season on Penny Dreadful she was mesmerizing.

    #4 Leonardo Di Caprio
    Just like Meryl Streep, he's able to fit any given role. He's gotten better and better in time, really admirable.

    #5 Katie Bates
    Just like you, I was terrified by her in Misery. Loved her ever since.

    #6 Jennifer Lawrence
    Young versatile actress, the movie I like her the most in is The PokerHouse

    #7 Elizabeth Mitchell
    Discovered her recently. Didn't like her in Gia but fell in love with her in Lost. I also like the vibes she gives in the interviews, she seems like a really loving human being.

    #8 Ryan Gosling

    #9 Will Smith
    Came to like him after The Pursuit of Happiness

    #10 Kate Winslet
    The Reader is my favorite movie with her. Like Di Caprio she changed so much throughout every movie, always in better.

    1. Meryl Streep is on my list too, for those exact reasons. She just draws you in to the story, it's incredible.

  48. Jared Leto is so dedicated to his roles and he was so unlike himself.
    Jennifer Lawrence as she is so versatile and can play a variety of characters.
    Ian Harding because his roles are so heartfelt and you really feel the characters feelings along with them, particularly as Ezra Fitz.
    Meryl Streep again is just so versatile and appears so genuine in her roles. The crying is always so real.
    Robin Williams, as although he stuck to the same kind of characters he really brought out all those little personality points for them and you couldnt help but feel for his characters.
    Bill Murray because he has just nailed the comedic timing.
    Jack Whitehall for similar reasons but also for the facial expressions that really help you relate to the character.
    Zooey Deschanel because she has also nailed the comedic timing but very clearly has a vision for the characters she plays and is consistant throughout.
    Anne Hathaway as she truely commits to the roles, losing weightand giving her all, again an actor who maes you really feel for the character she is portraying.
    James Corden, its the comedic timing and the accents that just amaze me when I watch him.

  49. Top 10 favorite actors for me:
    1) Dylan O'Brien
    2) David Giuntoli
    3) Vin Diesel
    4) Dwayne Johnson
    5) Paul Walker (the late)
    6) Tyler Posey
    7) Claire Ryann
    8) Holland Rhoden
    9) Will Smith
    10) Kevin Hart