Sunday, January 1, 2017

Lesson 10 Free Online Acting School Help for Actors 2017 Edition

On the final part of this class, reflect on being an actor again. What are some ways you'll continue to practice your acting? Set some goals for yourself.

Here are some possible goals:

1. School plays are great experience. Casting directors like actors with theatre/stage experience.

2. Community theatre plays are another way to train yourself and work with adult actors who can teach you a lot and maybe even help make connections.

3. Make your own short films. Even if you make bad short films, you still learn a lot of acting and then watching yourself. Have fun with it and don't worry about being good. But watch the finished film and think about how you can do better.

4. Start a YouTube channel. You can even make a little money by monetizing the video. And if you're lucky, you'll have a viral hit and make your mark early. Here is my Freedrama YouTube channel:

5. Start going to Auditions. Here is a great source for auditions:

6. Try Freelance Websites such as where you can offer to making acting videos or record voice overs for marketing and advertising - if you sign up for Fiverr, there is a good chance I will hire you.  So if you do sign up for, send me an email at and let me know.  I might feature you on my blog as a way to help you promote this.  :)

Agents: It's better to wait until you have some experience before going to an agent. Agents want to see that you can get paid work with your acting. Once you get a paid acting job, that's when you can go to an agent and ask to be represented.

TIP: Avoid agents you charge you money up front. A good agent will only charge you a percentage when you get a paid acting job. They only get paid if you get paid work.

Check the Screen Actor's Guild (SAG) website for approved acting agents. Here is a list of SAG approved agents. The best agents will be on this list:

Going Hollywood: The best way to go to Los Angeles or New York City is to be a college student. USC, UCLA and NYU are great schools with connections to the film and theatre industry. At these universities, you create a network of people who will help you get jobs in the future. Plus a degree gives you other options to make money in the future. Acting rarely pays the bills so it's good to have something to fall back on, especially when you get started.

There are other cities such as Austin, Texas or Orlando, Florida that have a lower cost of living and have active film industries. You can consider these places as well.

Final Post!

Write about your acting plans and goals for the future.

Students who complete all lessons including recording two monologues (and making corrections from the instructor) will get a Acting School Certificate.  Be sure to email about your certificate to see if you met all the requirements.  


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Free Acting School - Goals as an Actor
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  1. i will go fo r theatre. and also i will make my own short videos

  2. Well I acted in school plays in high school

  3. i played in two television commercials and on broadway it was so exciting that i felt like a super star !!!

  4. well I played on Broadway shows and made 3 commercials on television looking for more work.

  5. I plan to go to college for acting and theatre. Then go to an actual film school. I also plan to make short films and post them to my u tube channel. I also plan on being in a commercial. An actor is directing it for us.

  6. I am in my early forties and have always wanted to act.My bad decisions when I was younger took me in other directions. I took about three months of drama class in high school then dropped it for a study hall. I regret doing that now. I am doing this free class to see if I have enough to move further or if I should hang up the dream of acting at my age. If I do well here I will continue taking what ever classes I can afford and I will sign up for websites that help me find projects to fit my already hectic schedule. I would love to follow my name sake and do big screen movies and t.v. I realize though that is a journey with lots of obstacles. I will start local with student films,commercials,voice overs and short films. I have a youtube channel I did for two years but never had that one video to launch me.The most views I got was 900 something. I am hopeful that once I finish this I will have the confidence and knowledge to tackle bigger challenges,Thank you D.M>Larson for allowing such a platform for beginners to start with low pressure.

  7. I have great acting plans for future and I hope all my plans and dreams will come true. As I already mentioned in the previous comments, I am acting at the kids theater for six years. Also I have a little experience in TV shows and in advertising. I take part in many castings and I hope that all this will help me in my actor's career.

  8. I will definitely continue to record myself performing monologues. I think it helps to see how your facial expression looks, what you could change that it looks better and also how you speak. I will try to go to Community theatre. I think another way to practice your voice and pronunciation is to read out loud. You could even try to put emotions in it. And if I think I aam ready to go to auditions I will try that and if I´m not ready I will practice more.

  9. To improve and continue to learn, i have already joined several sites for auditions and signed with an agent. I am prepared to do unpaid jobs to gain experience and also do workshops through my agent and other companies. Online courses are also going to be part of my continued learning plan,

  10. to improve and become a movie and tv show actor and to make people laugh and to be a celeberity

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  12. i will act in theatre and make my own video or try an audition to gain more experience

  13. My goals are
    To be in a few horror movies
    To be well known
    To gain respect and fame
    Money has nothing to do with it even though its great

  14. i loved it. and now i have determined to face the camera.

  15. I also plan on being in a commercial. An actor is directing it for us.
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  16. I knew it would be a perfect work of art the minute I began perusing the blog.

  17. I want to be in theatre movies, commercials,modeling etc. To entertain possibly considering doing fashion

    1. Also thankyou Doug Larson for allowing me to do this class, also consider auditions


  18. nice article great post comment information thanks for sharing.

  19. I registered for audition with Nickelodeon

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  21. Well, I really enjoyed the course I am working on my audio recordings now and would love to be in a famous hollywood movie on the Silver Screen.

  22. well i really was excited to start this class but it has been fun learning extra acting here i'm going to give it a shot make my dreams come true thanks what you have done

  23. to keep reminding me why i want to act i allways audition for pantomimes, join in on school drama club and i allways do school plays. im sad that these lessons are coming to an end but i have learnt alot and i have met amazing people who i would never think i would meet.