Sunday, January 1, 2017

Homemade Headshot Contest Good vs Bad Win $50

The winners of the Super Short Mini-Monologue contest are:

Shivam Dubey

Olivia Hankle

The winner of the Headshot Contest is:

Melissa Geddes

Thank you to everyone who entered. A new contest is coming soon!


Enter the and Homemade Headshot Contest and win $50!

This is a contest for new actors who do not have professional headshots.  Professional actors may enter but do NOT submit professional headshot photos.

The goal of this contest is to show how to do good acting headshots at home and how NOT to do your own headshots.  You will submit 2 pictures - one good and one bad.

For the bad headshot, do things wrong. Here are common problems I see on self-made headshots.  Wear sunglasses and a hat. Take the picture in your car (be sure to have on your seatbelt for added badness) or take a picture in the bathroom mirror (be sure to have your phone in the shot). Or you can do the poorly cropped group photo where you cut the rest of the people out of the picture (but you still have their arms and legs on the sides for some wonderful badness).  

The take the best possible home headshot.  Use a plain background that has nothing distracting behind you. Be sure there is good lighting especially on your face.  Frame your head so the top of your head is near the top of the picture and just include the shoulders up. Have someone else take the picture or use a selfie stick. 

The top photos will be shared on and the Freedrama YouTube channel.

We love to help new actors, so you may include links to your own websites, portfolios, channels and social media.

Winner will receive $50!

Upload the photos to Google Drive and share with my private email

Deadline is April 1, 2017

Your good vs bad headshots will be use in the acting school and you will get credit every time the photos are used - so be sure to get those online acting links up to date and ready.

More tips for making homemade headshots:

Post your questions below.

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Homemade Headshot Contest Good vs Bad
A most unusual headshot?
(Art by Shiela Larson)


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