Sunday, January 1, 2017

Free Online Acting School for New Actors menu of lessons for classes


LESSON 1 - Why do you want to be an actor?

LESSON 2 - Learning from other actors

LESSON 3 - Who are your favorite actors?

LESSON 4 - Humorous comedy acting

LESSON 5 - Serious dramatic acting

LESSON 6 - Selecting monologues

LESSON 7 - Developing characters

LESSON 8 - Monologue performing tips

LESSON 9 - Recording your monologue

LESSON 10 - Acting goals

If you have completed the Freedrama Acting School in the past, then you complete in all three contests below and earn an official Freedrama Acting School shirt. Email for details.


Deadline April 1, 2017


Super Short Mini Monologues


Voice Acting Contest


Homemade Headshot Contest

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  1. I am 40 years young and acting is a new career for me. Last fall I tripped into a small role on a regular television program and ever since, I have been hooked. I have played 7 small roles since then for the same production company. Each role has been a new experience and beyond fun but my 3rd role was the role that made me to realize that I really do have a genuine passion for acting. In my 3rd role I played a true person, like reenacted a murder victim’s sister. Although my role was a very small part, I took the entire script and read it from front to back. I then researched the story. I even ended up finding some of these real people on social media and could see what kind of person(s) they are. I found myself wanting to become this person, I wanted to walk in her shoes, wear her clothes and do my best to understand how she must have felt the day she found out her brother was murdered. I wanted to know what her family is like, what kind life does she live. Anything that I felt I could use as a tool to understand her and then I took any similarities that I could relate to, and turned her story into my story. I wanted to be sure her story was reenacted just as if she did it herself, I wanted it to be true and genuine. So, lesson one is to figure out why do I want to act? From what I have just wrote, it appears I have many positive reasons, but for sure money nor fame is important to me. I have also come to realize that being 40 is working in my favor. My foundation has already been built, I am not acting to chase a dream or to build a solid career from it, which I feel makes it more doable! It is all completely from my soul, and that my friends makes me very happy! I learn something from each role and I have a ton of learning to do. Thank you for listening!

    1. Wow! Your story is truly inspiring! I hope you seek more roles where you can research how each character is. Thank for sharing 😃 I wish you the best of luck.

  2. Hello, am honored seeing such platform, am 23, single and am from Africa but lived in Maryland for 6 months now. All my life, I have always have passion for acting reason I cannot say particularly but to be frank when am acting am feeling self-satisfied and fulfilled... truly speaking am always acting but funny enough not on scene or stage but when am lonely or sometimes unconsciously as I just hat talking to myself playing different roles. Acting is something I can go for with or without fame, the joy in my heart is all that count. Though am scared because I still got African accent and people say it sucks(funny). I love my voice and accent, nevertheless, I so need this class to improve in all acting domain.

  3. First, i want to appreciate the officials of this great platform of impacting to up and coming actors. I am 22 years old and am a Nigerian upcoming actress with so much passion on the inside of me. I love acting so much that it has affected me in all my ways. I set my camera to act at home, in school and on streets alone. I do cry everyday because something seems to be burning on the inside of me. I wish to exploy.....Ada Okafor

  4. I want to be an actor because, I've seen a lot of kids my age acting. I don't want to be all famous for the money. It probably would, take a lot of time to be a professional actor. I'm only 13 in the 7th grade. I've lived in Memphis, TN almost my whole life, and I recently at the beginning of the year moved to Kansas where,"The Wizard of Oz", was filmed. I want to act because in school we did a career test and I got all the onstage and camera stuff. But acting was the first thing I got from my personality test.

    1. Continue being passionate about acting. It will bring you to the skies, and remember there are no limits to success. Take parts in community plays church or school and do your best a lot of practice and know that you will win.

  5. Hello! I am a music artist from Puerto Rico and I wanna learn acting to better my engagement with my fans by learning how to interact better on camera. Also, I have always wanted to learn to act. It has been one of those things you always wanted to do but never got around to doing it. I want to learn how to speak on camera, how to express my emotions much better without looking nervous or ackward.

  6. wow.... great...
    acting is my whole-soul dream. this is the only reason i want to become an actor. and this course will help me more on my acting skills.....

    1. Glad you're pursuing what you love. I'm sure you'll make it big one day, just never give up.

      Lots of love!

  7. Hey there!

    LIBERATION. That's the biggest reason why I wanna be an actor. I feel free, i feel empowered, i feel like i'm in touch with my most inner self when i'm acting.

    I love acting and when you love what you do, work doesn't feel like work.

    I don't wanna be rich or famous. I want to known as an amazing actress. I want the craft i'm pursuing to be celebrated. I want the generation after me to look up to me and say, "God i want to be able to act like her."

    You live only once. I want to leave a legacy behind after i die. I want to make a difference.

    Thank you!

  8. Hi everyone I am from Jamaica I am 17 years old well 18 since my birthday is around the corner. I want to be so much in life. However I see myself as an Actor and a Musician. The thing is I see people acting I see them bring a message to me and I take it, I run with it, and that builds the desire within me to go out there and be one of the messengers of this world, leaving a legacy that empowers others and build their confidence as well as self esteem. I will be finishing the course I am doing now and then I will pursue acting. Becoming the best at what I do is my main priority.
    Thank you.

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