Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Tips for Becoming Successful Actor

Here are some tips for being a successful actor.

Enjoy your work

Acting looks like a lot of fun, but it is actually a lot of hard work. But if you still find this kind of hard work rewarding and enjoyable, then acting might be for you. 

Develop a support system

Are you ready to be an actor? A simple test is to see how you feel acting in front of your family and friends. Make a short home video with your friends and family using a short skit or comedy script (here are some to pick from at http://www.freedrama.net/short.html).  Or memorize and perform a monologue for your family (here are some free monologues http://www.freedrama.net/small1.html). If you have fun performing around your family and friends then you are on the right path to start as an actor.  Having at least one dedicated family member or friend as part of your team can be very helpful. Doing anything with a camera (such as monologues or making headshots) will be so much easier if you have at least one person helping you.

Theatre experience 

Studying theatre is important to being well rounded. The stage is the fundamental building block for any actor. Theatre is an excellent training ground for the new actors. 

Be patient and stay dedicated

The most important tip which is for all the actors is never expecting success from the very beginning. Acting is a field where you will not gain success immediately. It takes time to learn and find an audience. So, you should not become disheartened in case if you fail at first. This is common for actors to struggle at first. 
The key is to learn from your failures and not repeat any mistakes. Never give up and keep trying. Believe in yourself and focus on your goals. 

Working tips
In the field of acting, put faith on your director. The creativity of the director should be trusted. Successful actors work with their directors and strive to achieve their director's vision. You develop a good reputation when you are a cooperative actor.

It is important to achieve respect in the acting field. Once you start working as a paid actor, give complete attention to what you are doing. Your dedication and passion towards acting will be seen in your work and will also be noticed by others. 


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