Saturday, December 17, 2016

Successful Acting Audition Tips

Let’s be clear – auditions can be a very scary experience, especially or new actors. However, with a good plan and by following some simple tips that were created based on the experience of successful actors, you can avoid making mistakes and be successful on the next audition. Keep in mind that these auditions usually last for less than 15 minutes and this is all the time you have to impress the casting director or the agent. The following is a list of simple tips that can help you get a call back from your acting audition.

Perform some research

First and foremost, focus on learning more about the role and the production. Many experienced actors recommend wearing appropriate outfit for the role. This advice may not be applicable in some cases, but if you have a chance don’t forget to do this. In this way, the agents/directors can learn more about your personality. When we talk about research, it is also good idea to learn more about the production company. Every professional should read more about the previous and upcoming projects of the production company because there are situations in which you can use this knowledge. In addition, you will feel much more comfortable when you know who you are dealing with.

Remembering lines

In most cases, the casting agent will give you a cold read and this is the moment when many actors make the same mistake – they become fully focused on the lines. It is perfectly fine if you “adjust” some of the lines as long as you are showing that you understand the character. 

Don’t forget the eye contact

It may be more comfortable for some actors to look at the ceiling or at the floor, but the fact is that you must establish eye contact with the agents or producers from time to time. These professionals will certainly want to look at your face and your eyes while the audition lasts. Keep a good care of your posture. 

Rehearsed monologues

Good actors choose short rehearsed monologues. It is very important to choose at least one piece of dramatic and one piece of comedic monologues. Sometimes casting agents ask actors to show their skills through these monologues and actors must be prepared for situations like this. Instead of improvising, memorize some effective monologues.

Resume and photos

It doesn’t really matter on what kind of acting audition you are going to – you should always take a few copies of your acting resume and photos too. This is a good way to make sure that the agent or producer will remember you when they are making the final decision.

Don’t worry about mistakes

Even actors with years of experience can mess up a line, but they go on without starting over. This is what makes difference between amateurs and professionals. The casting agents have probably seen this dozens of times, but this doesn’t mean that your audition will be unsuccessful.

We hope that these acting audition tips will help you!

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successful acting audition tips

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