Sunday, April 20, 2014

A shot at Broadway? An interesting contest for new actors

I came across an interesting contest for new actors to have a shot at Broadway. It looks like it is free to enter. You just need a monologue or a song. Check it out here:

And be sure to check out some great free monologues to audition with at

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

How to be a SNL actor (acting on Saturday Night Live)

Many people have dreams of making it big. It's a long, difficult road to success and only a few make it, BUT it never hurts to dream. There was a young boy of 4 who watched Tom Baker play Doctor Who and he made it his life goal to be Doctor Who one day. That child, now named David Tennant, achieved that dream.

A teen actor said his dream is to be on Saturday Night Live (SNL) and asked how he can achieve that dream. I actually have a good answer for that one. Second City is the place to train.

"The Second City is the leading brand in improv-based sketch comedy. With theatres in Chicago and Toronto, Training Centers in those cites as well as Hollywood, 11 full time touring ensembles, thriving corporate communications and theatricals divisions as well as television and film operations, The Second City has been called "A Comedy Empire" by the New York Times."

Here are some SNL actors who got their start at Second City:

Tina Fey
Tim Meadows
Chris Farley
Mike Myers
Julia Louis-Dreyfus
John and James Belushi
Dan Aykroyd
Bill Murray

SNL your dream? Second City is a good place to start.