Sunday, June 15, 2014

Method Acting vs Technical Acting

I had a student ask about method acting vs technical acting. Here is my humble opinion... I don't claim it is the right answer but I will share my thoughts and I am open to discussion about the topic.

I think method actors have some of the most amazing performances but they also tend to have rocky careers as actors. Technical actors can be very good as well but tend to be less dynamic or unique in their approach. I think a balance between the two is best for a long acting career. Learn technical techniques for day to day acting but benefit from the way a method actor really gets to know their character.

What do you think? I'm curious to see what other people think about this topic.


  1. I have done some Theatre and some film acting. I also believe a combination of Technical and Method Acting are key to being well-rounded. But, I find myself relying more on Method Acting as using experiences and emotions to act in a small space of film (which I am into most, for the moment) is helpful.

    I believe that I must BE a that person. I must be HONEST and OPEN and VULNERABLE to my scene partner. If I attain that goal, my performance becomes convincing to the TV/Movie audience.

    Due to Shallow DOF (Depth of Field, or range of focus) considerations, camera framing and film set blocking, as well as techniques of the close-up, extreme close-up and medium sshots that show one's face in all it's emotional detial, I blieve small movements during close shots convey honestly and authentically a believable person whose life the viewer is waiting for the opportunity to believe in.

  2. Excellent reply. I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts and experiences on my blog.