Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Getting the lead in a school play

A senior in high school asked, "How do I get the lead in the school play?"

If you're a senior, here are some tips for the audition:

A good thing to do is arrive early.  If you can beat some of the judges and drama director, be there to greet them and see if they want anything handed out to other actor or help with a sign in.  Show yourself as a team player and leader by encouraging other actors and being helpful.  Stay the entire time if you can and thank the judges and drama coach at the end.  Help clean up in the end. This shows you are committed to the project and you'll be there from start to finish.

If you are not a senior, some additional thing you can do... 

Be happy with any part you get.  Be a team player and do your best at any part.

Be early to practices and stay late.

Be helpful to other actors with practicing lines, makeup and costumes.

Volunteer to help with anything extra like promoting the play.

Offer to be an understudy for a lead role if you're in a small part.  Memorize the lines to show you are able to do a large part.

Feel free to post your ideas or questions on the topic of "getting the lead" below.

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