Wednesday, January 18, 2017

5 Tips for Acting from Todd Bruno of Film Riot

Film Riot has a lot of great filmmaking tips which I watch on a regular basis and they had an acting video I wanted to share with you featuring one of their actors named Todd Bruno.

Todd says that the overall goal of an actor is to help the director get the shot they want. How do you do that? Check out the tips below:

  1. Know your lines!
  2. Manage time on set - always prepare during scene/set changes (socializing should not be the focus).
  3. Fill every scene (awesome examples in video). Think how can you make your one line count. You can add meaning behind doing nothing which will improve your screen time. A line can be performed many different ways by putting different thoughts behind what you're doing.
  4. Help with continuity. This will make sure you keep your scene in the movie. Keep track of props, when you drink, eat, etc. Don’t mess with makeup, hair or props during the filming of a scene.
  5. Translate what a director tells you. If the director wants you to be angry think of something that makes you angry to have it come across. Don't pretend to be angry or force it. Feel it. Find the honesty or truth in your performance by connecting to real emotions.

Check out this video for details, examples and even more tips:

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Starting out in Acting - Tips from Professional Actors

There is a lot of wonderful advice for new actors in the video below. Here are some highlights of my favorite comments:

David Furr (Broadway actor) says to do good work and be kind because then people will want to work with you again.

Zachary Levi (TV and Broadway star) suggests finding a great acting class or workshop that gets you in front of people in the industry with high profile showcases with real casting directors.

Jeff Daniels (Hollywood and Broadway Star) has three tips:
  1. Believe in yourself
  2. Find people who believe in you - build a team one person at a time
  3. Be in the right place at the right time AND be able to deliver!

Check out this video now:

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Today's Moment of Crazy Acting Exercise

Here is a random exercise to try for fun called "Today's Moment of Crazy." For this exercise, go totally crazy over something very ordinary.

I was inspired by our turkey hotdogs expiring on January 20, 2017 which happens to be the presidential inauguration day.

Make a video of your crazy and post the links below or email them to me via Google Drive and I might feature them on our YouTube channel. I'd love to see your results.

Or join in one of our contests below:

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Acting Contest Update Top Entries So Far - Seeking Actors Deadline April 1, 2017

For the headshot contest, here is an early favorite. It captures what I'm looking for. I am seeking pictures that can help teach new actors the right way to make their own headshot on the cheap.

Melissa Geddes - The Good
Melissa Geddes - The Bad

And here are the top 4 videos so far from the Super Short Mini Monologue Contest:


There is still time to enter. The deadline is April 1, 2017.

Actors! Enter for a chance to win $50 with three different contests on

Super Short Mini Monologues

Voice Acting Contest

Homemade Headshot Contest

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Free Online Acting School for New Actors menu of lessons for classes


LESSON 1 - Why do you want to be an actor?

LESSON 2 - Learning from other actors

LESSON 3 - Who are your favorite actors?

LESSON 4 - Humorous comedy acting

LESSON 5 - Serious dramatic acting

LESSON 6 - Selecting monologues

LESSON 7 - Developing characters

LESSON 8 - Monologue performing tips

LESSON 9 - Recording your monologue

LESSON 10 - Acting goals

If you have completed the Freedrama Acting School in the past, then you complete in all three contests below and earn an official Freedrama Acting School shirt. Email for details.


Deadline April 1, 2017


Super Short Mini Monologues


Voice Acting Contest


Homemade Headshot Contest

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Acting Contest Super Short Mini Monologues Win $50 - Free Help for Actors

Enter our Super Short Mini Monologue Acting Contest and win $50!

Have fun with this. Be as wacky, weird and overdramatic as possible or be as serious and dramatic as you want.

Perform one or more of these selections from mini-script selections:


From "A Breaking Heart" 

Sure!  I'd love to be friends.  That's the natural evolution of most relationships.  Have a fling and then boom... friends.  I'm sure some of the best friendships started that way. 


From "I Need Detention" 

She can harm me any time she wants. And she has too. A couple of times. But I deserved it... 


From "A Thing for Nerds"

You get a nerdy guy's full attention. The rest of the world slips away and you're his entire universe, because no Death Star, Tardis or warp drive is more exciting than a girl who gives him the time of day. 


I know none of this means anything to you but I simply need your handprint.  It says you agree to the GCC and your planet and all the resources here will belong to us.  In return, we give you this shiny new GCC badge!  


From "How to be a Pirate" 

Pirates are always grumpy and if something good happens, they growl and get angry. It might look like they are excited but they're not. They're angry that it wasn't better. 


From "The Not So Perfect Child" 

You are so perfect... Everyone around me is so perfect... And there was nothing left over for me... I am the leftover failures... I am the fatty waste you toss to the dogs. 


From "Only Children Believe in Butterflies" 

And I don't want to talk anymore - can I please be by myself? That's all you've done here - poke, prod, and pry - I've never felt so violated before - I just want to be left alone.


Another from "A Breaking Heart" 

I don't want to hear any more lies!  I don't want you to make something up so you can get out of this.  I want it all laid out on the table. I want to know the truth! I want to know why you are breaking my heart.


Another from "I Need Detention" 

How about giving the principal a wedgie? That would do it... A good old up the back over the head mega wedgie. Let's do this.

To be eligible to win the $50 prize, upload your video to Google Drive and share with my private email

Your videos will be uploaded to the Freedrama YouTube channel. Please do NOT post on other YouTube channels (or you will be disqualified from winning)

The video from this contest with the most thumbs on the Freedrama YouTube channel up will win.

Deadline to submit videos is April 1, 2017. 

We will have 2 winners!  The first $50 prize will go to the actor with the most thumbs up by end of the day April 30. The thumbs up count starts as soon as you submit, so submit early and often! (You may submit more than one super short mini monologue). A second $50 prize will be awarded to a different video (not the thumbs up winner) that will be selected by our judges based on the performance and overall presentation (costumes, props, setting, etc.).

As a bonus, all actors who submit can provide links to their acting websites, online portfolios, official YouTube and other social media.  We want to help new actors!

Post any questions below.

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Acting Contest Super Short Mini Monologues Win $50 - Free Help for Actors
Art by Shiela Larson


Voice Acting Contest


Homemade Headshot Contest

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Voice Acting Contest for New Actors - Radio Show Project

This contest has been ended due to no entries.

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Super Short Mini Monologues


Homemade Headshot Contest

Voice Acting Contest for New Actors - Radio Show Project

If you're a new actor, try our Free Online Acting School!

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